picAmanda Lynn Harding Storm, August 1999

One of the grand dames of drag in Halifax during the late 70's & early '80s, now as Amanda-Lynn Harding who can be caught on . She celebrated 27 years of doing drag in September 2004 in Halifax and in April, founded and is owner InternationalDragQueensAndFriends.

My god girl, you have come a long way baby. She is the proud drag mother of MzNrg 2002-2003 AmandaBenzova. She made a grand re-apperance in Halifax for the first time in nearly 19 years at ReflectionsCabaret and ClubNrg on December 15th, 2002. Things have change alot from the day of the The Turret, and those who we have lost.

She also remebers the first time JennyBlake performed and by chance still has a pic of her in that yellow jump suit -- my, she has changed.

She is a firm believer in D.Q.R. (Drag Queen Revenge), and is still madly in love with her ex and offers a few quotes in regards to that situation:

There is a chance to make it in this business, do not give up so easily when you started into it get yourself a drag mother.

DawnDavenport writes: I miss you Amanda Lynn aka Emerald. I truly do. I’ve sent you Facebook messages. I’d love to renconnect.