Right after Rumours closed, people started talking about something opening at 2112 Gottingen. In '98 or so there was something concrete: CarolAdams, JacintheLaMontagne?, and PeterMoll (later owner of Club NRG) applied for a liquor license, and had a sign out announcing their grand opening on March 24, 19991 The bar closed on June 7, 19992

Millenium's owners hadn't fixed the furnace that gave Rumours and WormwoodsDogAndMonkeyCinema such financial hardship, and had mounted largely ineffective electric heaters high up on the walls of the old theatre. But, while not exceptional, the soundsystem and lightshow were adequate, and it was the old space and lots of people loved it.



The management (ahem.. Carol and Jacinthe) did not listen to the staff and their experience along with requests from the customers which eventually gave Reflections the upper hand once again.

May, 2004: someone writes: At least one staff member complained that the financial problems were the result of embezellment - and that this also affected the staff paycheques at the end.

So PeterMoll was a partner in the business and he had no part in its failure? Ya sure we all believe that. Blaming it on the two female partners seems like the easy way out. The 3 business partners are all responsable for the success or failure of the said business.

OfficerDick replies: From what I've heard (stress "heard"), Peter sold out his share of the business a month before the establishment closed, and that the financial problems were not as much embezzlement as mismanagement. I stress this is second-hand information.

Might be the story actually, if you look up Millenium Cabaret and Nightclub on the business name registry you see the original date of registration then a later change in partners: Registered September 4, 1998, Change of Partners May 21, 1999

But if he sold his shares why did he (and possibly continues to do so) go after the other partners for more money? Selling out usually means coming to some agreement that you leave the company and cut all ties. Oh the fun to be had by browsing government records :)

If any of you took the time to do some research you would learn that Peter paid the staff when the bar closed out of his own pocket which he was not legally binded to do!!

DanielMacKay writes: if anyone wants to do an interview with one or more of the previous owners, we could actually shed some light on this question, written in a NeutralPointOfView, rather than this somewhat whiny speculation about a six-year-ago event.

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2. DanielMacKay: Pride Committee corr