pic Founded on May 24, 1981, the original members of Sisters Elite and Company were: EmeraldGibson, RandyKennedy, JerryScott, BillMacKinnon, ChristopherPeterson?, TimHare?, ScottThompson?, and EttaGibson. This is/was a group of female impersonators / drag queens who worked together to organize shows for the club shows and fundraisers.1

EmeraldGibson writes: One small Correction Daniel it was Randolph J Kennedy and I along with B.B. Scott. was also involved aka Dean Roach choreograph the first number for us before he left. However, we set some standards at the time that was needed. This is why when GAMES was formed we set up the proverbial code. Also in order to get a chance to perform, people were interview and scored in front of their senior peers. We critique their performance and a decision was given then right away. One person who has made it through and made a name for themselves was Chris Christopher Peterson and that name he gave his first performance of his life.2

Members no longer with us: GaryWest, GeorgeRamsay?, TommyMiller, Jerry, Travis,

September 1981 Show: Big Spenders

picSeptember 11, 1981

EmeraldGibson writes: I produced it and covered the party afterwards. We all had a hand in the choreography in our numbers and group numbers.

The floor director was another issue! As he did the cues, he forgot to turn off his mic and we heard his comments in the dressing room. He was surprised we filled the place. Dal had responded with a large number of security guards.

A couple of people came backstage that night to ask if they could be added to the show, but the lineup and cues were set, so no one could be added.

Advertising was done all over Dalhousie, basically making it an outreach to the gay community there, and some shops put up signs.


May 24, 1981
July, 1982
JimMcSwain did a story on it in the July, 1982 MakingWaves.4


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