In 1982, while attending AcadiaUniversity, I became a Christian (yes, of the Born Again flavour!). In that same year I came out as a gay man. The combination of the two brought me into the world of the Metropolitan Community Church. In the 1980s I started the effort of promoting the knowledge of Christ-centred Christianity and of MCC to the GLBT people of Halifax. I contributed to WayvesMagazine a series of articles entitled The Christian Triangle. In Dec 1990 I presented a letter to GALA from Troy Perry, founder of MCC, asking for support in the establishment of a MCC church in Halifax. In 1991 the first meeting of Safe Harbour Community Church was held, with the intention of eventually becoming a full MCC church. It was during this time that Safe Harbour held its first Community Christmas Dinner, the wonderful idea of Jane (now Verity) Schaer. My interests continue to be within the Christian communities of the GLBT peoples of Halifax, as well as my love of music. Over the years I have organized many interdenominational worship services for the GLBT community with the focus being on worshipping in music. During Pride Week 1998 I organized a very successful Pride 1998 -- Celebrating in Music! held at Brunswick St. United Church with performers from many communities inside and out of the GLBT community.

Personal information (past and present):

Member of: GaeGala (plus Rumours Finance Committee); AIDSVigilChoir; SDAKinship; Integrity (Anglican); WayvesMagazine; OverThirtiesGroup; YMCA

Here's my GAE Membership card dated May 5, 1987

Supporter of - SafeHarbourChurch (plus Music Ministry)

Founder of and Executive/Board Member of - SafeHarbourChurch (predecessor to Safe Harbour MCC); Pride Music Festival 1998; BluenoseBears; East Coast Bears (Halifax)

Executive/Board Member of: Sparrow; Halifax AIDSVigilChoir

Studied at - DalhousieUniversity (Certificate of Office Information Systems Management); Acadia Divinity College (Baptist); Atlantic School of Theology (United/Anglican/Roman Catholic); Acadia (Bachelor of Science, Certificate of Applied Sciences)