The Gay Over Thirties Society met monthly on a Saturday evening (or sometimes afternoon in the summer) for a very fun pot luck social. The parties were held in a member's house or apartment, a different one every month except for a few regulars such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, and one in July or August.

Most of the parties were in Halifax; some of the summer parties were in Amherst, South Shore, and the Valley.

Invitations were sent out by mail except near the end of the organization, after 2005 when some email was used.

1981, fall
ChrisShepherd writes: The Over 30's club was started in the fall of 1981 amidst a flurry of typical G.A.E. arguments, this one being over the fact that originally the group had requested ongoing funding. This was denied because the group catered to a specific group and the G.A.E. funds were accumulated from all different sources. The Over 30s group was eventually given a one time start up funding.
August 1984
GAEZETTE mentions it. Existed continuously from then until it was shut down.
RegGiles writes: Jim Deyoung was coordinator in the year I turned 30... I told him I was 30, not dead !
DanielMacKay takes over the database to create the labels; DonMurchy? is coordinator.

HistoryProjectTodoList: should have some history of who was coordinating and when. This was one of the SocialGroups in Halifax.