Full name: TyGer Fufu Dover

Imperial Crown Prince IV of IsCans. Also voted ISCANS Best New Drag King 2003/2004 and appointed (as Tammi) as MzLeatherNrg 2003/2004.

ShaniaDq writes: Love you honey. You do a great job, you're a great performer and you blew me the fuck away when I seen you in heels and make-up. You'd make any girl in this city look sick. Eat your heart out girls cause TyGer's in the hou-se.

RougeFatale: baby, i love you to death and pieces. i hope that some day i can be the wife, and not the mistress. lol. look at what wonderful(cough) kids we bring into the werld

HarmonyAngel writes: Hey Baby! You truely are an amazing performer! You put your heart and soul into everything you do, your my best friend and the love of my life sweetie. All my love, Harmony!

IvannaRamyah writes: Hey daddy! just figured i should leave a note me being your daughter. you don't know how much you truly mean to me. nobody has ever made me feel more loved then you have made me feel and no matter what happenes and no matter where life takes us you are now and will always be my father. Love you bunches -Ivanna