picThe Restaurant

NilsClausson writes: The Cameo Lounge at 5511 Spring Garden Road was another straight bar frequented by gays; it tried to "cleanse" itself of undesirable gays, whom they feared were driving away straight customers. I remember John Marr and I and another gay man (forgotten his name now) being refused service in the Cameo on the grounds that the young man was "under age." John tells me that the restaurant was called the Cameo Dining Room and that the lounge attached to it was called the Candlelight, and that is consistent with my memory as well.

DougBrown? writes: Cameo Restaurant was in the space now occupied by an optician's at 5511 Spring Garden Road. The Candlelight Lounge was one door east at 5507 Spring Garden in the space occupied by the now-closed card and gift shop. The restaurant had a regular restaurant table setup in the front and fancy (linen tablecloths, fancy table setting, candles) in the back. To get seated in the nice part, one asked to go "up back".