1981 TheTurret 01

picChristmas In July, 1981. Photo by JimDeYoung

Photo id by RandyKennedy, EmeraldGibson and RegGiles in TurretMemories, June, 2023.

Randy says: JimDeYoung took the photo.

Very back: Nancy [Reg says: "Her name was Nancy she was Georges girlfriend and played in the band") Back row : Syrita (boys name ?), KimOldfield?, JoanneBond? , Tommy, RegGiles, George; Front row : Emerald , GaryWest, BillMacKinnon?, RandyKennedy, TommyMiller, GeorgeRamsay?, Tony ? (Kiki) Photographer: JimDeYoung1

Emerald writes: Back row : Syrita Nancy? , KimOldfield?, JoanneBond?, FredBerringer (talking to Reg) In front of Fred: JerryScott, RegGiles, Nunya "Christmas Show" 1980 or 1981 (Gary West had only been in Halifax a short time. George Ramsey was the stage Manager back stage first time he was involved so it maybe 1980. 6 people have moved on to the other side of the rainbow2

ThomDay writes:

I was there that night even when that pic was taken.
Sunday night I’m thinking; it could have been a rehearsal?
I know you all would remember it more than I would.
I’m losing more memory daily with this HAND.
I love seeing old pics from my coming out here.
Membership to get in.
The book store downstairs.
I carried the liquor and bottle pick up.
Even stood in line to get into the turret.
The best drag show I’ve ever seen.
Love how you had skits and everyone put so much into the shows.
We were so lucky to have the turret.
I hope everyone is well.
Gary was my roommate as was some one else for a few days too .
Old memories ..
Thanks for sharing


1. June, 2023 RandyKennedy in Turret Memories fb group
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