picCirca 1980

Born ca. 1951, died August, 1986 at the age of 35

picLilyChampagne & Fred doing "Last Train To Boogie" at [[The Turret]] circa 1981

RandyKennedy writes:1 I remember when Fred came on the scene, he was still married. He was going out with Darrel for a few years before Andy, and actually I was dating him for a short minute, however we were better as friends. I remember when he was going through his divorce, he went on a huge spending spree maxing out all his credit cards and eventually claiming bankruptcy so his wife would get nothing. He had bought me 5 pairs of heels.

Later he worked as doorman and he was a big supporter of the shows. During the police strike, he drove me around city with me dressed as Laverne on the roof of his car. I was yelling Laverne for mayor. LOL.

When he died, his mother arrived at his and AndyBrooks's home with a lawyer and had Andy thrown out on the street with only a suitcase. I was working at the Sternwheeler when Andy came in with his little suitcase in tears and no where to go. He stayed there with me all afternoon. Even though they were a couple, everything was in Fred's name, so Andy lost everything. The mother tried to stop me from entering at his funeral so I gave her a choice: she lets me, or I stand at the door telling everyone that came in that Fred was gay. I won the battle and remained silent at the back of the room.

Fred was an all out great guy and I am sure is still missed to this day .

ScottMacNeil writes: After Fred died, Andy came into the bar on Granville Street one night and poured his heart out about Fred's demise. It was an overdose of pills obtained from a doctor we both know. He took them and told Andy to go out for a walk and not return until a certain hour. He did what he was told and returned only to find Fred still alive..... he was still breathing. Apparently it took a few more hours than planned before he expired.2

There's more about Fred in PeanutButterAndJamSandwichTwentyFivea.


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