1988 Pride March Photo

pic Photo by AnitaMartinez

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July 1, 1988, Halifax Citadel weather station: high 16, low 12. You can see people dressed for chilly weather.

TumaYoung says: The picture shows MichaelWeir behind (Michael was instrumental with Queer Nation and Act Up with his then partner, Dan who lived at the Youth Hostel on Brunswick Street). FredWells? was walking behind him. Fred explained to me about the hanky code. LeeAnneTeal? is also in the picture-she is the daughter of AnitaMartinez who I believe must have taken the picture. LynnMurphy is in the picture. Behind Fred is a young Jewish man who the following year gave a Jewish prayer at St. George's. He wore the prayer shawl.

DavidBackman? says: "That's me behind the front person holding the sign where you can see IN"

ScottMacNeil says: I am also in the picture....extreme far left with my head down wearing shorts and a jean jacket....can't remember being scared or seeing anyone with a bag over their head...I do remember chanting "We Will Overcome" and also the supporters who came out to see us remained in their cars......JJ Lyon is also in this picture you can see his face in the back. The young man wearing the white hoodie with CA showing is indeed NathanElling who the following year gave a Jewish prayer at St. George's. He wore the prayer shawl. The man next to him carrying a sign wearing a white ball cap is DavidBackman?.

AnitaMartinez says: I was sweet on (just a bit) a young photographer at the time SaraAvMaat; she is right in front with a big smile. FredWells?, With the AidsCoalition at the time, is right behind second back; back a bit further is the partner at the time of JoanneBond?, name is Francine, (a good friend of ours who now resides in Mexico) beside her (on the left) is my daughter LeeAnneTeal? and peeking over the plaid shirt behind is our LynnMurphy; and then of course Scott and others I do not know.

NathanElling says (via Scott): I totally remember that first parade. If I'm not mistaken it was the first parade in Halifax, wasn't it? I also remember the prayer. Some of those times are so sad to me because of all the people we lost. I think it was maybe Father Michael?? that asked me to do it. It was a prayer of remembrance. Yeah, some good days back then but some sad/difficult ones too. I remember doing an interview about gay rights on CBC I think. The bank I worked at was so stuffy the day after!