pic1994. Photo by TumaYoung

Michael Weir

October 2, 1965 - September 22, 2005

Michael came to Halifax to study at NSCAD, to work at PlannedParenthood and SteppingStone, to edit films, to make his own videos, to act up as a gay and AIDS activist.1

He graduated in 1990, and was part of the Queer Nation, ACT Up, was very much a part of the early Gay Men's community in Halifax, and was an outreach worker at SteppingStone.2

He was also a visual artist, performer and film editor; he was twice nominated for the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Award (Genie) and was a recipient of numerous other honours including two awards for editing from the Atlantic Film Festival.

In addition to his success as an editor, Michael was a director of several comedic short videos including the musical Queer, Dyke, Fruit which is available in the DalhousieUniversity archives.3 He also documented his struggles with cancer in 36 hours of a profound video diary.4

Long time friend, collaborator on art works, and fellow activist JaneKansas wrote a touching tribute to him in TheCoast shortly after he died.


BarryHeath writes: I hung around Michael for about two years; he was involved with another friend at that time. He lived on Moran Street and was working on the film Beekcake with ThomFitzgerald. He was a sweet soul, quiet, very smart, opinionated but with a good righteous leaning, and always thought of the downtrodden and helped others that were in a dire straits. He loved having dinner parties, and he surrounded himself with good friends. AnthonyHelpard? would know about him as they were a couple during that period. He moved back home to Philadelphia in 2001, and a short time after that I found out that that was because he had cancer and wanted to be with his family. He was so young and very talented as a film editor, but its his laughter that I will always remember, laughter from the heart.


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