pic ThomFitzgerald's 1998 provocative blending of fiction and documentary, tells the story of Bob Mizer, the pioneering founder of the Athletic Model Guild, a company which produced still photographs and short films extolling the beauty and chiseled physiques of men.

The fictional story follows photographer and enterprising businessman Mizer, who teamed up with his mother in 1945 to film his beefy star-wannabes around his sun-drenched pool. It is here that Neil, a naive, right-off-the-bus teen, is lured into using his handsome looks to become a model. The wide-eyed Neil soon learns about the world of sex and prostitution. But a police raid and ensuing criminal trial soon threaten both of the men's worlds. Interspersed with the story are rare archival footage and interviews with former co-workers, customers and models.

The movie was partially shot in Halifax and had a huge cast, some of them Haligonians:
DanielMacIvor, Carroll Godsman, Jack Griffin Mazeika, Jonathan Torrens, Joshua Peace, Robert Henry Mizer, Jim Lassiter, Wayne Stanley, Russ Warner, Joe Dallesandro, Joe Leitel, Jack LaLanne?, Thomas Cawood, Jaime Robertson, Dick Sircom, Orest Ulan, Glen Deveau, Marla McLean?, Daniel McLaren?, Andrew Miller, Bernard Robichaud, Marc St. Onge, Steve MacLaughlin?, Andy Smith, JimMacSwain, MichaelWeir, Marc Le Blanc, Timothy Phillips, Jonathan Langlois-Sadubin, Lucy Decoutere, Renee Penney, Joe Dacey, Megan Richards, Liz Anderson, Sarah Dunsworth, Kathy Pederson, Mark Burt, Brian Breau, Mitchell Landzaat, Brad Allen, Stephen Arnold, Reuben Lee Aulos, Wayne Bedwell, Luc Bouille, Adam Cuvilier, Larry Dunn, Dreux Ellis, Phil Greyson, Anthony Helpard, Valentine Hooven, JaneKansas, Raymond Kettless, Bobby Lawrance, Ann Marra, Dave Martin, Darren Nauss, Jeffery Pocock, D'Arcy Poultney, Shaun D. Richardson, Tom Romard, Dick Scholer

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