Churchmembers Assembled To Respond To Aids

pic March, 1988: "CARA [sic] consists of a group of churchmembers from several denominations who have a common concern for the church's response to people with AIDS and the effects of the disease on society today. The group first assembled on February 17, 1998 with chairs BobPetite and AveryKempton?.

October 13, 1992 document mentions: Offer support; based on spiritual or faith context; link or bridge between institutions and Persons who Have AIDS. No direct government support. Main foci: Pastoral care to PHAs, education to the community, consciousness raising with AIDS groups and church folks, identify needs within churches.

A document dated March 23, 1988 gives the name as "Christians... " a document from a month or two later has that crossed out and "Churchmembers" written in.

In 1988 the organization set up MortonHouse, a residence / hospice for persons living with AIDS.

April 20, 1988
The RJSC Memorandum of Association lists (unreadable), AveryKempton?, TomSinclairFaulkner? (university professor), TomMaybe? (university professor), TheoDeBruyn? (university professor), PhilGriffinAllwood? (minister), Rev. BobPetite (parish priest), LorneWhite? (Baptist layman)
July 15, 1989
Clergy Walk For Aids1
November 29, 1998
Event, "Awake The World: A multi-faith, multi-media meditation on AIDS" at St Matthew's United Church.
September 10, 2003
"Certificate of Surrender" officially un-registering the organization

People attending meetings: AveryKempton?, BarbaraAdams?, BethMiller?, BernieCoffin?, BillGibson?, Fr BobPetite, BruceMoore?, BrianMott, BrucePellerine?, CarolynMossman?, CharlesBlack?, DavidFerguson?, DougWilliams?, DwightMitchell?, EvelynMcCall? EvelynMcCaul?, FlorenceMacMillan?, FrancesCoady?, HarveyMacDonald?, IdaWhitehouse? JoAnnMartell?, JudiMilne?, JudithAdamMurphy?, LeniSeller?, LeonChubbs?, LorneWhite?, LorraineCarroll?, LouisCaissie, MarilynWhitehead?, MaryKeating?, Sr MaryJeanBurns?, Fr MikeMacDonald, NancyJosey?, NelsonHubley, NormanMoulton?, NormaPrice?, PaulBowen?, PhilipCable?, PhilGriffinAllwood?, RandyDuplak, RobertAllan, SharronBalcolm?, StephenParsons?, StephenMcCall? / StephenMcCaul?, TerryMartin, TheoDeBruyn?, TomMaybe?, TomSinclairFaulkner?, VidaDoucet? (representing the PWA Coalition)2