StudioXleNoir held this title at one point in time, hence the name. See StudioBar.

NinaDiamonds writes: I have no idea why my picture was placed here. Mind you, I did participate in the Pageant and am very proud to have been involved.

Truth be told, I along with DagneyMarie, MeshallayCrystal, MissVicki, CheriseDq and SableDq had all participated in the Studio Pageant. The owners of the Establishment decided after Dagney won, they would not be holding the pageant anymore. There were only 2 Mz. Studio Queens; StudioX? (Who won July 19, 1992) and Dagney Marie (won June 26, 1994). The Pageant was only held Twice.

Further to this, Dagney Marie was appointed to the title of Mz Buddy's in 1998.