Empress VI of Halifax October 22, 2005 -- August 2, 2006

Who can forget such performances as the Natalie/Nat "King" Cole duet of "Unforgettable" done entirely by Nina? Truly fantastic.

Nina says: I first started doing drag in February, 1989. At that time there were only a handful of people doing Drag: Iris, Lili Champagne, Sugar, Sweet Seduction (now known as DivaDq), JennyBlake, DagneyMarie, MzAdrien, and GaryWest. I'm sure there were others, but those are the ones that stick out. At that time, drag was not as popular as it is today and a great many times a drag queen was snubbed by the greater gay community. I never came into my own genre until I applied comedic twists to my performances. If there is someone out there who fancies a good old fashioned drag show you may recall my performance of "This is My Life" by Shirley Bassey or "Shy" by Sarah Jessica Parker. Other Queens who made a difference were TatyanaRomanov, CheriseDq, StudioXleNoir (then Destiny), MadisonNorth, MissVicki, MeshallayCrystal & LuLuLaRude. I applaud any person who does drag as long as they do it for the right reason: to make a difference.

***** Founder of ISCANS.

MzRumours 1994

Nina! After our numbers together at Rumours, how could you not remember me? Or 'Midnight Girls'? Your electric broom? Ring any bells?

DivadDivine writes: Nina, you are someone I consider a friend in and out of drag, you have always treated me with respect as have I to you. You always can make me laugh and smile when you are around girlie. Congrats on being a Candidate for Empress VI of Halifax. Best of luck during the Campaign, most of all have fun with it!

FionaJefferies writes: Congrats on your win!! You will do Halifax proud! It is going to be a fun year! Hugs and Kisses! Ray Kram , Congrats on your win and what I heard , you will do well.

October, 2010
NinaDiamonds writes: I'm now living n Toronto!
July 27, 2011
KellieVanderbilt writes: Its been years, hope things are going good for you, apparently your in toronto now, let me know if ur still around well get in touch and gab a bit!
February, 2021
RandyKennedy says, "She is has recently moved back to Halifax from Toronto but is no longer performing as far as I know." EmeraldGibson says, "Is on the board of ISCANS"1

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