The only other part of Nova Scotia than Halifax that holds a yearly drag queen contest is Sydney, NS. Here's a look at the history of these titles...

2004/2005: JuicyFruit (1st place), RosePetal (2nd place) 2003/2004: RougeFatale (1st place) 2002/2003: Mz. OnjaInja (1st place) 2001/2002: BoomBoom Lubalicious (1st place). IdaSlapter was stripped of her title and it was given to Boom Boom. 2000/2001: BoomBoom Lubalicious (1st place), ShaniaDq ran for this title 1999/2000: BoomBoom Lubalicious (1st place)

Anyone with any history of the MzSydney title can add it on here.