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Penni's Bio

Well pumpkins, I've been active in the Halifax drag scene since 1994 when I moved to Halifax. I was just a baby when I splashed onto the scene. My drag mother, DixieLanders, took me under her wing and taught me everything I needed to know about drag. Since she's moved away, I miss her bunches!

In the early days, I did a lot of performing at ReflectionsCabaret, ClubNrg, and some smaller clubs (like BuddiesBar) that came and went very quickly. The smaller venues were the most fun for me. I've also taken drag on the road to smaller communities several times. My most memorable time was New Glasgow Gay Pride. What a blast that was! But, now that it's 2006, I seemed to have gotton away from the performing-end of Drag in the past few years. I never considered myself to be extremely talented on stage, especially as a dancer! So, now-a-days, I make an appearance from time to time with some of my drag sisters.

I often times get asked why I have disappeared over the years. I guess I have put other areas of my life atop the priority list. I wanted to spend time focusing on my career and trying to get other areas of my life on track. Now that I have accomplished all of that, I think Halifax may see a bit more of Penni in the future! Perhaps not on stage, but maybe sitting at the bar having a few cocktales and posing! And you never know---if asked (hint hint), I might like to take part in a drag show again sometime.

Community Love

MarshaMellow: GRAND MUDDER!!! for any of you people who don't know Penni, u missed out. I remember back in the old days at refs and buddies, and Penni was by far one of the best queens in this city, perfect lip sync, glamorous fashion, this girl goes all out when shes steppin. She says she wasnt the best dancer but the numbers she did didnt really require a choreography or back flips. Penni baby, u are absolutely refreshing, and i miss u performing, so get yer cunt back out there and show these lame ass new *performers* how to put on a show. Loves ya Nanny

DivadDivine writes: Penny you are an amazing Queen, and there are some shows coming up in March at the Blue Moon Bistro (an 80's show co-hosted by myself and Juicy Fruit) that I am sure would love to have you come perform in!! Miss seeing ya out in your glam outfits!

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