pic One hot momma... Mother to AnnieCockadoo, grandmother to MaryPoppers... this fab bitch impersonates JanetJackson?, Pink, DiDo? and others.

ShaniaDq writes: Girl, where's your snails? I gots snail glue if u need it. You get brownie points for bitchiness. Glamour.

AmandaBenzova writes: "BENZ..its your turn to push the button"..hehe most fun nights @ Casino/and who will ever forget the air tunnel.. Oh puhlease! Im glad your back! Most glamour!

Patrick John: Hi Joseph PAUL...its ur best bud...lol..anyways RHODA ROX we tear up the city and the bars, ,rhoda rox...altho she doesnt do drag as much..but watch out when she does..no one could ask for a better friend then Rowree, Love ya..Cant wait for the next Green Tea Seminar with Angelita Rosalita :) ( ang )

Lilly writes: I LOVE RHODA!! I ALWAYS HAVE!!!

LadySchapeau: Bring back Down & Dirty with Debbie and Rhoda

Regrets, Rhoda. I'll miss you. You were always a solid drag queen. best wishes for the future. Damocles

JuicyFruit: I think Rhoda should come back for Jerry Springer

LadySchapeau writes: yaap i think she should come back, end of sentence :) we need some talent :) and yes lady schapeau, the one who cant do her own make up or perform very well, wrote this. i might not do drugs, smoke, take risks with my health or sex, talk about ppl behind their backs, cheat, lie, steal, turn my back on friends and i might not be "popular" or "in" but i DO know a talented drag queen when i see one and Rhoda is one of them. I myself fist saw Rhoda as Pink from Lady Marmalade....PERFECT outfit right down to the "P" on her black top hat. We need it bad. LOL. So play your damn violins, because im not changiong my opinion. :) LOVE! And before someone tries giving me shit for sticking to my guns.....YES I do like other drag queens too :)......Im hungry......

AmberWayvesDiamond writes: You couldn't have said it better than that gurl. Good for you! Always stick by what you believe in, no matter what people say or try to do. That is what makes you special.

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