Kandi Kane is a new queen that started out in Summer of 2004. She is the daughter of RougeFatale. She has performed at ClubNrg and ReflectionsCabaret She is a pretty good performer. And reminds many people of AnnieCockadoo when she first started out. She is now living in Sydney, NS.

KandiKane Writes: I miss U all very much and hope to see you all soon. Maybe sooner than U think!

Just want to give some Props to the ones that have helped me out so far, RougeFatale, DivadDivine, IvannaRamyah, SharonBedz, AnnieCockadoo, EJaculation, TyGer, And I cant forget Dear Sweet Maddy! Love yas all Girls, Sorry if I forgot any one and yet again thank you to everyone!

RougeFatale writes: Hi Poodle! I am very glad to have you in the Fatale Clan, I love you very much and don't ever change!!

DivadDivine writes: Hey sweetie, Gramma loves you very much, you are turning out to be a very good performer!! I look forward to seeing you more and more, and blossoming even more. Just one word of advice from me to you - never loose sight of who you are and never change who you are for anyone!! If they don't like you for you, they ain't worth knowin', regardless of their title!!

SharonBedz writes: to my sis another one of my partners in crime love ya be good dear god be good smoochies

KellieVanderbilt: Hay girl ur doing aweosme keep up the awesome work were going out soon Cya later sis;)

DivadDivine writes: Kandi sweetie, you are a wonderful person. I am glad that we are family and friends! You have made me very proud of you, you have come a very long way in a short time sweetie! Know that your gammie gams misses ya and loves ya a great deal. p.s. Thanks for helping out with Justin ;) *HUGS*

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