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April 24, 2023: Posted on Reddit by leftlifelasik:

I work in Burnside, and with the nicer weather I typically enjoy a little walk at Frenchman Lake during my lunch break.

Today I decided to check out Spectacle Lake instead and was treated to quite a…spectacle. A testicle spectacle.

Before the actual trail begins there is a little area with 2 decks and some benches, overlooking the lake. I noticed two gentlemen, one standing, the other on the bench, nodded as I walked past, and made my way to the second deck (separate from the first, with trees in between) to see if I could spot any geese or ducks.

I stood around for a few minutes, breathing in the fresh Spring air, before I decided to walk back and go to the actual trail. As I walked by the two gentlemen I noticed the fellow standing had his hand in his pants, while the guy on the bench jolted backwards. I stopped, got a better look, and saw that the standing man had his dick out through his zipper, directly in front of the bench guy’s face.

I told them there was a hotel across the street, got back in my car, and returned to the office.

I think I’ll stick with Frenchman Lake for now. Be careful out there.

October 2004. From: Halifax Regional Police

October, 2004' Letter to the Editor, WayvesMagazine

Dear Editor,

Halifax Regional Police recently received complaints from the community and the businesses of Burnside Industrial Park regarding illegal behaviour taking place within the boundaries of SpectacleLake. Specifically, this area is believed to be hosting persons who engage openly in sexual acts during day and night, whether the park is open or closed to the public.

Halifax Regional Police is very concerned about this behaviour as it is our responsibility to ensure SpectacleLake is a great place for all citizens to enjoy. In an effort to address this community concern, I met with NedMacInnis? of the AidsCoalition of Nova Scotia and he suggested I write a Letter to the Editor of WayvesMagazine to further educate our citizens about this issue in order to stop the illegal activity occurring at SpectacleLake.

First, the Problem-Oriented Policing Unit is conducting regular patrols of the area. Secondly, Halifax Regional Police is launching an educational campaign to remind citizens of the following laws/by-laws:

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 173(1), it is illegal to engage in sexual acts of any kind in a public place.

By-law P-600, governed by Halifax Regional Municipality, states:

*This is not a complete list of prohibited activities. Please see By-law P-600 at www.halifax.ca for full details.

By working in partnership, together we will ensure the safe and lawful enjoyment of SpectacleLake. Thank you for your co-operation.

Questions or comments? Please call me directly at 490-5050 or Staff Sergeant David Porter, Halifax Regional Police East Divisional Commander, at 490-5172.


Sergeant James Butler Problem-Oriented Policing Unit Halifax Regional Police

May, 2005' - ATV News carried a report about sexual activity at SpectacleLake - complete with footage of used condoms, etc. laying about. Police are advising that they will clamp down on illegal activity in the area if it doesn't stop.


May 8, 2005 someone writes: I don't condone sex in public places, If you want to have sex get a hotel room . What make you think just because you are gay you have the right to have sex anywhere you please?

Amen to the above comment. I don't care if someone wants to fuck in the middle of the forest but don't do it next to a walking trail! Hike a couple of miles into the wilderness (call it foreplay if you want) where there is less chance of disturbing others. And pick up your used condoms and whatnot - no need to liter the woods!

Someone else writes: Hey, why is it that what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander. Why is it that nobody seems to complain about the breeders screwing in the parking lots over lunch hour and in the early afternoon? And do the str8s still take over the roads behind the former Dartmouth Police Station for their lights-on screw-a-thons late at night?

One thing about the news reports, it's brought out a whole new bunch of guys who never knew about the place before... and some others too. Last time I was up there, there was what looked like a school teacher and her elementry school student, who were wandering around off the beaten path, looking for something. Sometimes you don't want to know...

August 23, 2005
BaraCuda writes: Just an update on Spectacle Lake - The city of Halifax is well underway with the clearing of land adjacent to the lake for the new Outdoor Sports Arena, if you plan to walk thru the trail system expect to see heavy equipment clearing trees and city workers on site. Many old trails are now replaced with fallen trees and are unpassable. As for cruising and people using the park, today on my walk thru not a single car was parked in front and not a single person roaming around the woods except the city staff.
Yet another outdoor meeting gone wrong at spectacle lake (according to the news), boys keep it in your pants - at least say hi first. I think we need a bathhouse in brunside.
February 14, 2006
The Canadian Coast Guard's Regional Assistant Commissioner for the Maritime Region Larry Wilson is charged with indecent exposure from an incident when he allegedly exposed himself to GeoCacher Mark Beeswanger in Spectacle Lake on December 17, 2005. Beeswanger chased him back to his car and copied down his license plate number. More details in today's Chronicle Herald.
Someone adds: All i can say is good job Mark Beeswanger. If people want to have sex they can at least go home, hotel or bathouse to do it.
Someone else adds: If Mr. Wilson had been severely injured or killed, the story would be much different, and gay bashing would be the rallying cry. There is more to this story than what is being reported.
Rebuttal: Well you seem to know something that noone else knows so tell us, maybe we can find pitty for Mr. Willy Shaker. Until then keep it in yuor pants.
Rebuttal answered: Mr. Beiswanger is a former Coast Guard employee and details of his story have reportly changed from police report to news report, including a threat of shooting Mr. Wilson to accompany the Shawinigan handhake. One must wonder if there was an axe to grind - a wondering which is purely suppositional on my part, but nevertheless something more to think about.
Another rebuttal: We know that he is a former coast guard employee, that doesnt mean he can go around flashing people. I work for the government and i dont remember seeing anyplace in my contract that said i can run around with my dick out. Face it he did wrong, if he was done wrong by the release of his police report then he should go on TV and tell his story.
Another rebuttal answered: I was speaking about the complainant, who is a former Coast Guard employee. The accused is still with the Coast Guard. And yes, he did wrong by flashing his dick in public, if indeed that is what he did (remember the innocent until proven guilty thing). However, I don't think it warranted front page coverage in the Herald. If the accused were a nobody, the story would either have been a sidebar in the Mailstar area or not published at all. End of debate.
November 19, 2006
CBC Radio Halifax's "Talk Of The Block" piece about public cruising and sex here and CitadelHill by Alex Mason.
May 9, 2007
The body of 45 year old TrevorCharlesBrewster was found stuffed under a boardwalk near "Frenchman Lake" near Spectacle lake, one of two men killed in the 2007-05 Murders.
August 28, 2019
Someone writes: Someone I know was arrested there last week and charged with committing an indecent act. Head's up!