Just Outside HRM

When fucking outdoors, be a good camper, don't leave kleenexes and rubbers on the paths.

Historical: in the '80s, CampHillCemetery was a gothic fantasy.

Winter 2003: Judging by the tire tracks in the snow by Spectacle Lake at 5 this morning, it looks like things happen there at night, as well.

Anyone know of any cruising areas in Spryfield?? Haven't heard of any myself and wondering why there is a park that isn't used (park between corners of Northwest Arm Drive/Old Sambro Rd and corner of Dennith/Old Sambro Rd on the water side). It has easy walkable trails and a few "discrete" areas to go off to.

Does anyone know of a cruising area in the Annapolis Valley called "The Loop"? I got asked by a tourist over the weekend and I'd never heard of it.

You may want to check out other Halifax CruisingAreas or ways of MeetingPeople.