pic In the Sanctuary and on the streets, we Are An Affirming Congregation. Let's be clear, 2SLGBTQIA+ people are welcomed, valued, supported, loved, and if they want, married in this church!

You Are Welcome Here

The pink stone church at the corner of Robie & Coburg.

For many years, St Andrews hosted MannaForHealth's main fund raiser, the Christmas Dinner, now called the Rev. Darlene Young Memorial Community Dinner. DanielMacKay says: we see a notice of these in the December 2010 Wayves; I think they continued until 2017 or 2018 when organizer EdSavage passed away.1

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Pride Place Conference & Report
July 17, 2023: Wayves Article 1
October 16, 2023: Wayves Article 2
October 19, 2023: CBC Mainstreet Interview with Rev ShaunFryday
February, 2024: The final report (pdf, 15 pages)
June 17, 2023
Considering Matthew Shepherd choral piece performed. Article in WayvesMagazine.
2021, fall
Q Conversation series hosted by TamsinRobson? & and Rev. Susan Chisholm2
December 4, 2010
SafeHarbourChurch Christmas Dinner3. Notice in the December, 2010 WayvesMagazine issue placed by Rev JenniferPaty
December 17, 2011
SafeHarbourChurch Darlene Young Memorial Dinner4
October 29, 2011
GBLTT Regional Consultation. "About 25 persons attended and about half were heterosexuals." “I have a pamphlet to show you what Jesus said about homosexuality as found in the 4 Gospels.” She opened the pamphlet and it was blank. Small article in the December 2011 WayvesMagazine
July 18, 2009
SeanForeman and Andre Bernard had their big gay wedding; Rev. Linda Yates and Martha Martin officiated.


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