Troy hosts karaoke Tuesday nights at ReflectionsCabaret and works at SeaDogsSauna.

Troy is also known as DJ SpecialTee and hosted Tuesday night BigGayKaraoke at ClubNrg. His drag name is MarshaMellow, or MichelleLynnMan?.

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After a long stint of not going out to the bars, I met Troy at the old Club NRG which is the place I prefered to make my milk runs. The music was acceptable and so was the atmosphere. Even tho the music was not mixed because of the use of a lot a video music, I personally liked it. I also made a few trips out to kareoke nite and I found Troy to at least have a half decent voice and he was entertaining and put some effort into his act. Troy really does know how to mix music because I have heard some that he has done and they were excellent. Recalling my past I remember all too vividly those that did not like my selection or the way that I mixed my music. We all have our favorite Dj's and the one's we love to hate. Rumours and inuendo have persisted all thru the era of gay bars in Halifax and for that matter " everywhere else that I have travelled ". Troy tries to be entertaining and I have to applaud him for that and do appreciate that he does. The bitching and complaining goes on and always will ( I do it myself ), but; credit has to be given to those that at least try to give something of themselves.

Keep On Slugging Troy !!

Reg Giles ( Top40 )


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You know something - many in this community has nothing else to do but slag other people off all the time. That's why I never go out any more and have nothing to do with bars/scene etc anymore.

Personally I have never had any problems with Troy. He's OK. I like him. However, I'll probably be blasted for saying that by a whole shitload of people, who also won't have anything good to say about me either.

I don't care anyhow and I look forward so much to seeing the crap that people want to write about me. But, you know, it's been 7 months since most people saw me and if they remember who I am that's a bonus! Go ahead, anonymous cowards. Go ahead make youselves feel better and write poison about someone else who just wants to get on in life. I'm sure what you write will come and bite you back. What goes around, comes around. Have fun at my expense too. I'm sure someone will. Oh, by the way, Dan, take my page off the wiki too. I don't want me there anymore either. I have no affiliation with any organisation in this city or hold any titles or anything. See ya. Bruce Crooks

Well said Bruce. This city can put on its best act when a boat full of gay tourists come to town yet can't treat anyone within their own community with respect. There are exceptions to that and those people either live out of town and hardly ever go out to the bars or events here but when they go out they are drowning in a sea of bitter fags. Its too bad and it'll only get worse as future generations come along.

Bruce, It's a shame that people will say things just to get a rise out of others...especially on this wiki. I tend to doubt that there are many people who would actually say these things to each other's faces...I've actually had an interesting test drive with that theory tonight and it rang SO true. Regardless of the differences we've had, I do have to agree with you with what you wrote. I've always wished you the very best, even when you've spit venom about me, I've never had anything against you personally, I've always liked you (and many can attest to that, I can assure you). So, you'll get no blasting from me...atleast not about this (grin). All the best, Lynnie

Troy did what he was paid to do 'play music' if you didnt like his music then why did you keep going back. Grow up and piss off, leave troy alone OR at least post your name so we can air your dirty deeds. love ya MAMACOLE

TroyWard you're adorable! I really enjoyed going to the Old NRG and dancing to the tunes you were playin. I have been chatting online to Troy for well over a decade and gotten closer to him over the years. He is a very sweet person, orginally from NFLD, piss him off though and watch out. He is funny, witty and can sing very very well. The first time I heard him sing he sent me a couple of MP3 files, honestly it sent shivers up my spine, I have seen him many time in person sing and always it's great! He sounds like a cross between Tina Tuner & Maryanne Faithful. I love the sound of his voice, and I hear when he is in FACE he is quite the performer. I wish you all the best Troy, and yes I still want some of dat chunky ass darling. Blair aka BaraCuda