Zzhivagos Bar

Readers of WayvesMagazine saw a hunky hunky torso in their ad - the owner (Someone writes: actually it was a bouncer). Zzhivago's (yes, two Z's) had a nice restaurant as well.

The name was registered with the Province by GingerBeaudry? on July 7, 1988, and wasn't re-registered a year later.

PaigeTurner writes: For me, that was the bar that I first performed in. It was a Red Party for Christmas 1988. Everyone to get into the party and show had to wear red for free admission or no red and pay a small cover. The bar was on the lower level on the court yard with a restaurant above then it moved upstairs to the restaurant space for a short while.

RandyKennedy writes: That was the 1st bar to hire My group Ladies of Illusion and actually pay us for our shows.1

DarrellFougere? writes: I remember this bar, I met Tommy Sexton there from Codco, he was wearing one long earring, it was a great space for a bar, not sure how long it lasted.2

BarendKamperman writes: I remember being smitten by their bow-tied up, handsome bouncer. (Sigh!)3

This was one of the GayBars; this page is part of the HistoryProject.


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