Late 80s: Served on the executive of GaeGala. Was instrumental in purchasing the OldVogueTheatre where Rumours was finally located.

; 1987: ran a coming-out support group called ComingForward?

; 1986-1990: Performed at various fundraisers for the gay & lesbian community

; 1987 - 89: Editor of the GAEZETTE

; 1990-2007: Wrote murder mystery GLBT-themed plays which were performed annually (including Frought With the Sin, Your Bleedin' Heart, Hot Katz vs Boykers, Training to Paris).

; 2001: Created OutAndAboutWomyn, a social group for lesbians in the Halifax region.

; 2001-2004: Organized countless fundraisers, social events, and promoted womyn's events heavily through online websites and other womyn's organizations throughtout the maritimes, Canada and the U.S.