ChrisAucoin writes: I was a late addition to LGRNS but two names that come to mind who I expect would have the fuller story are AnneBishop and RobertAllan.

DebTrask? writes: here is a partial list from the LGRNS days [1987-1990 period]: in the minutes we listed ourselves by first name only, so I will give you those who are 'out' - there's many more, but I can't be sure who they are from their first names: AnneBishop, EdgarFriedenberg† DebTrask?, MaureenShebib, ArthurJones?, DarrellMartin?, ElaineJacobson?, BrendaRichard?, JanMorrow?, RobinMetcalfe, KevinCrombie, RobertAllan, JenniferLeith? [now lives in England], DebbieMathers?, TomParsons?, LynnMurphy

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