2016-07-02 Pride History Discussion

Online - Facebook - discussion about the *reasons* for people wearing paper bags in the 1988 Pride March with ScottMacNeil, ChrisAucoin, KevinCrombie, RobinMetcalfe, AnitaMartinez, & TumaYoung


When I did the research for the Pride 88 exhibit 4 years ago I was not able to find any evidence of paper bags during the first 1988 march. I did find clear proof that two people did wear paper bags in the 1989 march (because we have a video of that one). DougLaPierre? was one of those people: he was a school teacher and worried re loosing his job, MikeSangster was the other and he did it to support Doug. RichardRichard also wore a red bandana over his face in 1989. He was recent ex-military who was discharged re being gay, and now as "new" a civilian was worried again re job prospects if he was recognized.


MikeSangster was one [of the people wearing paper bags] because I recognized his ring which a big sparkling diamond. It look impressive but it was a cubic zirconia. I knew this cause I had the same exact ring

JJLyon was handing out candies to bystanders. The candies were pink and black.


I don't have the confirming information immediately at hand, but I recall with certainty speaking with one participant who wore a paper bag - he told me he did so because he was fearful that Immigration Canada (whatever it was called then) would reject his application for residency status if they saw his picture in the paper. They had that power and probably still do.