pic First Mr. Reflections 2000-2001 *award* Entertainer of the Year, male persona (ISCANS) 2002 Emperor III of IsCans. Winner of DragIdolAtlantic 2003 in July 2003 Winner season 1 finals of FiveMinutesOfFame. *award* Best Drag King (The High Heel Awards) 2005 *award* First Winner - Best Drag King (The Coast) 2005 *award* Best Drag King (The Coast) 2006 Ben Dover is very out going, not shy at all. Definetly a cutie. Is an oustanding member of the community and knows what he wants when he wants it. Ben Dover is a very approachable person and is a great performer.

AmandaBenzova Dover writes: mmm if you wern't my brother i'd do it wrong to have indecent thoughts about your brother? Hmm oh well Ive done worse! Anyhoo most love too you Ben, you've always been one of my favorite people/performers im'a miss you!! xoxoxox

DivadDivine Writes: Ben you truly are an amazing performer and person.

Ben, You are an amazing performer and person I am glad to call you family, Luv, DynaMight

Ben had his beautiful cock reproduced in gold for all to own and use: Greetings from Ontario:How's my little brother doing? Great to see just how active you are...keep up the good work Always in King Service:Mr.Shae.D.Davidson/Baron X of The Imperial Court of St.Catharines and Niagara

From Ben: Ha Ha Ha that's hilarious, who found the link to my cock!! CapnDan writes: you're welcome :-) That's awesome, I'm famous. I just wanted to thank everyone who has posted here. Thanks Diva, Dyna and what's up bro? How's it hangin' ha. You are all wonderfull people and amazing performers. Thanks for keeping me around and inspired.

BEN .. just wanted to say thanks for a great time back on my b-day, DA BOIZ really had a great time and I am sorry I am unable to make it to more of your shows. I think You are the best King out there and I'm glad I have been able to see you do your shit! Oh yeah I seen your cock too.. hahaha thats hot. Loves it!

NatasshaNlott writes on April 4th 2004: Most hilarious impersonation last night girlie. Identical, all you need is the splits, but it's hard to do when you're that hung I guess. ANYWAYS, you rock darling and remember what I said to you long ago, I don't hate you, I'm just blind. lol.

RougeFatale: like i said in aprils " what happens in cape breton, stays in cape breton." loves it! loved room 412, loved the bonding moments we all had "ladies, how do you tuck... it?" i found out so much about you, and it makes me very happy to call you a good friend and a fellow performer.

Chelsea: Woah, what am I doing..I don't know if I am even supposed to be able to do this, but hey...since it's working, you rock my socks Ben ! =) Good job at the baseball game, and performing at pride. I hope to see you again at pride this year, you make me smile big. Love always, Chelsea.

Hi Casey,How are you? haven't seen you around around latly, Ben Dover writes: Hi, who's asking?


IS BACK, SAW HIM LAST NIGHT (Jan 14) at REFLECTIONS Ben Dover writes: It's true kids, I'm back. Turns out there was unfinished business. So stay tuned for the next Dawg Town Bois Show coming up in March at Reflections. ................................ Please spare us the nausea and the drama. lol

Lisa writes: Ben Dover - when is the Show at Reflections?? I have been looking to see if they updated their calendar but Feb is still there. I have heard about you and saw you at the Wet Spot during Pride Week. There is soo much stuff about Drag Queens but never about the Kings!! Let me know please. Thanks!!