Bernadine LaPointe

Late 80s
Served on the executive of GaeGala. Was instrumental in purchasing 2112 Gottingen where Rumours was finally located.
ran a coming-out support group called ComingForward?
Performed at various fundraisers for the gay & lesbian community
1987 - 89
Editor of the GAEZETTE
Wrote musical murder mystery lesbian-themed plays which were performed annually (including Frought With the Sin, Your Bleedin' Heart, Hot Katz vs Boykers, Training to Paris).
Created OutAndAboutWomyn, a social group for lesbians in the Halifax region.
OutAndAboutWomyn produces Bernadine's murder mystery show, Disturbing the Dead. Here's a WayvesMagazine article about it.
Organized countless fundraisers, social events, and promoted womyn's events heavily through online websites and other womyn's organizations throughtout the maritimes, Canada and the U.S.
August, 2010
Wayves September 2010 article, "Suffering Sappho, It's Murder!" about the her murder mystery book featuring lesbian Mountie Danielle Renaud.

Oral History with Dan & Barend

On November 13, 2020, DanielMacKay and BarendKamperman spent an afternoon with Bernadine talking about her and her work in Halifax.

Here's the recording of that interview.

And here's an index of what they talk about, prepared by PoppyRiddle:

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