Halifax's Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Film and Video Festival
The team: Ann Verrall, Catherine Phoenix, Steve Renke, Buseje Bailey, Colin MacKenzie?, Jan Nathanson, MichaelWile, MichaelWeir, ThomFitzgerald, LisVanBerkel?
Team: Ann Verrall, Catherine Phoenix, Steve Renke, Buseje Bailey, Colin MacKenzie?, Jan Nathanson, MichaelWile, MichaelWeir, ThomFitzgerald, LisVanBerkel?
LisVanBerkel? says: Jane asked me to check into your question for her: who was on the committee for the first Peggy's Queer Film & Video Festival (the first year, it was just called Halifax's Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Film and Video Festival). This list may not be absolutely complete, but it's quite close.1


Halifax Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Video & Film Festival
June 19, 1992 to 25th
JamesEdwards? writes: How did I get this program for the 1992 Halifax Gay Lesbian & Bisexual Film Festival? I was involved with the festival; my title in the program is Advertising Coordinator. I did all the advertising and publicity for the event, I raised all the advertising money and catering and special events. How did I get involved? I had spent a year at Concordia and came home to Halifax for a year, and I wanted to get involved. I hung out with Mary Chisholm, I worked at Neptune a gazillion years ago. ThomFitzgerald might have been involved. I grew up out in Jollimore, out in the Dingle Area. About the name: we wanted to call this some catchy name; the NFB was a huge sponsor, and while we pitched some very queer names for the festival, the NFB people wanted it a little more boring and descriptive.
The closing party was at Ariella’s home out in… Tantallon, catered by JaneKansas at Debbie’s Dinette, and I managed to get one of the breweries to sponsor. I remember driving to Hubbards for the catering. We had people from ACT UP there too.
I brought this program with me from Halifax to Montreal, to Halifax to Saint John. I’m now involved with St John’s Pride - well, this year with a a combined St John and Fredericton Prides.{{July 6, 2020 facebook conversation with DanMacKay?}{
The team: CatherinePhoenix?, IanMacKinnon?, MichaelWile, MichaelWeir, RosemaryPorter, SueDexter?, Ariella Pahlke, KateMunro?, ReneePenney?, JimWerthen?, LisVanBerkel?, MichaelFrank?, Philip
Peggy's Queer Film & Video Festival
The team: Michael Wile, Michael Weir, Sarah MacMillan, Paula Gardner, RosemaryPorter, Sue Dexter, Ariella Pahlke, Kate Munro, Renee Penney, Jim Werthen / Worthen, Lis van Berkel, Catherine Phoenix
Reel Pride
Two nights at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. "Films and shorts that celebrate our culture " Curated by ???
Reel Pride Film Festival 3 : two nights. Curated by ??? RaymondTaavel? at the KhyberClub and ReflectionsCabaret
September 17, 2004 - 25
Films: Cowboys & Angels, Bulgarian Lovers, Eating Out, Make a Wish, Gypsy 83. Full program here: 2004 AtlanticFilmFestival
Reel Pride Film Festival 4 : two nights. Curated by ThomFitzgerald
Reel Out! July 25, 2008 Midnight Movie: Reel Out! Film Festival Presented Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!


OUTeastFilmFestival founded
The OUTeast Film Festival Association is dedicated to presenting the very best in queer independent cinema from Atlantic Canada, across the country and around the world. We are committed to showcasing work that will challenge, educate and unite our audiences, and to celebrating artistic excellence in the medium of film.
For more information, visit
Submission guidelines: films must be queer-themed, include queer content or provide a well-deserved break from heteronormative culture • films can be up to 15 minutes in length • non-english films should include english subtitles • original format of the work may be either film or video • work may be submitted on an ntsc formatted dvd or as .mov, .avi, .mp4 files. • please include the following information: film title, director name, total running time, contact info and a brief synopsis of the film. Please submit films to: OUTeast Film Festival, 2583 Creighton Street, B3K 3S3
April 8, 2011: OneYearOUT will be OUTeast Film Festival's inaugural event, celebrating queer film, showcasing new work and beginning the one year countdown to Halifax's first OUTeast Film Festival.
No film festival this year or updates to their social media

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1. July 24, 2006 LisVanBerkel?, email to DanielMacKay