What Is A Leatherman?

Leather is not just a clothing style, but a lifestyle and an attitude. The feel and smell of a well worn biker jacket. A hot guy wearing a leather harness and crotch enhancing leather chaps with a hanky hanging out of his back pocket, letting the world know what he wants....

It all brings to mind a man that is a little rougher around the edges, and not a silk wearing, perfumed kind of 'gap' guy (not that there's anything wrong with 'Gap Guys'). A low maintenence, no nonsense, say it like it is man, who doesn't need a ton of products in the bathroom cabinet to look good.

Don't get me wrong though. Leather men take as much (or as little) care of themselves as any other man out there. They just 'seem' to need less upkeep.

Although many men who are into leather are also part of the BSDM community, this is not a hard/fast rule. Some just like the look/feel of leather attire.

For the ones that are into more than just leather (or having an interest in leather/BSDM), there are resources and groups out there to get you started on your journey.



September 2004, someone writes: Here goes - Halifax, for the most part, doesn't have any LeatherMen except for about 16 to 24 guys known LeatherMen and those who have expressed an interest in the true leather scene and the brotherhood/respect/knowledge that goes along with it.

The rest of the people you'll see dressed in leather can be described as queens in leather who give new meaning the S&M: "Stand and Model".

What is really lacking is a true LeatherMen's bar. And I mean exactly that - A men's bar. One of those places where we can talk and behave openly without fear of complaints from the ladies or from those vanilla folks who would probably avoid the place if it was run properly from day one! Get something like this running in the city and you'll see more people coming out to see what the real leather scene is all about. Perhaps this is something the folks at ClubVortex can look at once their finances get back on track. A dark place with some darker corners (the fun corners!) and good service will do well. It doesn't have to be the Ritz and I'm sure over time a lot of the decor would gladly be contributed by the customers. Black paint, rough floors, leave the exposed concrete and steel alone and get some sturdy tables, chairs, a nice bar along with a pool table and perhaps a few VLT's for the extra revenue. Get Wolf in a DJ booth once a week and on the other days play anything other than dance music or country.

It wouldn't have to be open at all hours of the day but it would be great to have a place where you could go after supper or before you go on the prowl at SeaDogsSauna. 8pm till 2am -Wednesday to Sunday- would be great hours. Carl and Serge - are ya reading this??? hint hint!

Someone responds: Ah! A true leather bar in halifax! Now that would be hot. Fashioned off the Black Eagle, or the Barn (both in Toronto). Real men with real sexual appetites....... Wolf spinning his magic in a DJ booth, and the faint smell of poppers wafting across the dancefloor from time to time while a dark maze contains men looking for 'on your knees now boi while I smoke my cigar!' type encounters....

While the above idea sounds great in a wish book, I don't think it is viable to have an establishment devoted solely to Leathermen (although it would be great), especially considering the community size of Halifax. We as a leather community could barely keep the ToolBoxEast busy. Currently, we have TightRope and MacLeather as our leather groups, and the membership of both put together would not keep a bar financially sound. The key of course is new blood in the leather scene, and a re-lit interest from those 'not so new' to the scene men. Unfortunantly, those that have an 'interest' have to deal with lack of leather clothing (an expensive luxury), and a lack of guidance entering into the unfamiliar territory of leather.

On Oct 1st-3rd/2004, the MacLeather competition is being held in Halifax. Hopefully, some of the aformentioned new blood will come out and see what's going on!

I'd disagree with the idea that leather clothing is an expensive luxury - One should check out the next Screaming Eagle Leather sale when they come back down from Montreal. They usually set up at the Holiday Inn on Robie St. I know of people who bought some awesome chaps and pants made in Pakistan but are of very good quality leather with a bit of quality control needed on stitching, but overall a great bargain. They paid $99 per pair. They had bar vests, ball caps etc at real good prices and I missed the sale by not looking at the newspaper.

Another option is checking out the second hand clothing places - there is a little shop behind Supervideo at Queen/Morris that often has some nice leathers in stock, Value Village and the Salvation Army occasionaly have a leather jacket on their racks. National Pawn Brokers up the hill from the ferry terminal in Dartmouth always has a few leather jackets hanging next to the pile of VHS movies.

As long as you aren't looking for something branded with the Harley logo then you won't pay outrageous prices. Even a pair of wrist restraints or arm bands are a start in collecting leather and it won't break the bank account. WolfgangLeathers in Dartmouth have a lot of items ready to sell and will gladly do custom stuff. His prices are very competitive.

Just don't look for the cheapest stuff when shopping for leather as you'll get what you paid for. Nothing worse then a pair of bondage restraints made in a Chinese sweatshop falling apart while you are hanging in the air. <eg>

While I agree that some 'bargains' can be found if you look for them, I still feel that for many, buying leather especially for the novice, is an expense that most find tough to afford. I will have to check into the Screaming Eagle Leather sale, and hope that if anyone does see the advertisment, they will post something in here!

April 4th 2005: Anyone in Halifax know about some new leather group directed at the younger crowd? There is talk around town about this new group but no information can be found online or in Wayves. Post some info!