ChrisAucoin writes: I was a late addition to LGRNS but two names that come to mind who I expect would have the fuller story are AnneBishop and RobertAllan.

DebTrask writes: here is a partial list from the LGRNS days [1987-1990 period]: in the minutes we listed ourselves by first name only, so I will give you those who are 'out' - there's many more, but I can't be sure who they are from their first names: AnneBishop, EdgarFriedenbergDebTrask, MaureenShebib, ArthurJones?, DarrellMartin?, ElaineJacobson?, BrendaRichard?, JanMorrow?, RobinMetcalfe, KevinCrombie, RobertAllan, JenniferLeith? [now lives in England], DebbieMathers?, TomParsons?, LynnMurphy

There is a massive LGRNS archives in the RainbowSeniorsArchive.


April 12, 1989
June 12, 1989
Full page "The Buchanan Government Doesn't Believe In Human Rights for Everyone" ChronicleHerald ad
September, 1989
Simon Nkoli visit - Sep 20 - 22, public talk at Rumours September 21, 19891
May 30, 1990
"Jeopardy" game

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1. MaureenShebib archives