Lesbian & Gay Rights Nova Scotia

pic Human rights organization in the 1989-1990.

The LGRNS lobby was the first time a queer community successfully lobbied a Conservative government to change its human rights act in Canada. It did this through an organized, coordinated and professional lobbying effort over a period of roughly two years. It also marked a transition for the Halifax queer community from the grassroots, working-class organizations that had sustained it through the 1970s and 1980s, to a professional-class organization composted of lawyers, social workers, university professors and journalists. The lobby was textbook perfect and was used as a case study for several years at DalhousieUniversity.1

DebTrask writes: here is a partial list from the LGRNS days [1987-1990 period]: in the minutes we listed ourselves by first name only, so I will give you those who are 'out' - there's many more, but I can't be sure who they are from their first names: AnneBishop, EdgarFriedenbergDebTrask, MaureenShebib, ArthurJones?, DarrellMartin?, ElaineJacobson?, BrendaRichard?, JanMorrow?, RobinMetcalfe, KevinCrombie, RobertAllan, JenniferLeith? [now lives in England], DebbieMathers?, TomParsons?

There is a massive LGRNS archives in the RainbowSeniorsArchive.


April 12, 1989
June 12, 1989
Full page "The Buchanan Government Doesn't Believe In Human Rights for Everyone" ChronicleHerald ad
September, 1989
SimonNkoli visit - September 20, 1989 - 22, public talk at Rumours September 21, 19892 pic
May 30, 1990
"Jeopardy" game. In the picture we see RobertAllan, DebbieMathers?, a "closet case. The host is possibly BrendaBarnes.3 There are newspaper clippings and video in the AnneBishop fonds

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