These are photos of the 1981 CowBayPicnic. Many - perhaps all - of these photos are from AnniIsenor, scanned by RegGiles.

picAnni Isenor & Brian Schofield, waiting for the bus outside The Turret. picBrian Schofield picBarry Heath picBarry heath picBarry Heath picBarry Heath picPat Murphy & Barry Heath picPat Murphy picPat Murphy & Brian Schofield picPat Murphy picPat Murphy & Dene Roach picDene Roach picDene Roach picAnni Isenor picAnni Isenor & Brian Schofield picAnni Isenor & Jerry States & Travis Tynes picRandy Kennedy/Laverne & Jerry Grey picRandy Kennedy/Laverne picRandy Kennedy/Laverne picGary Walsh picDan Coneen picPeter Trask picJonathan picPaul Munroe

People in the photos: