pic SkyGilbert?'s campy 1991 play about gender, power and sex being performed in Halifax July 28, 2005 - 30th. Halifax's First Drag Queen Musical stars RougeFatale, AmandaBenzova, AprilShowers, BenDover and AdamRairdon?. Tickets are 10 Dollars at the door, shows take place at TheChurch - 5657 North Street. This event would not be possible without the support of the community, and sponsors such as: WayvesMagazine, VenusEnvy, and JunkandFoibles?.


pic Wanting only to be a private secretary to a busy executive, the blond and leggy working girl Suzie Goo joins Corporeal Can Inc. Soon after taking "dick-tation" on her boss Mr. Bagg's lap, Suzie encounters tragedy, resulting in some campy plot twists and gender-bending surprises.

Gilbert's script uses the conventions of retro dramas like The Best Of Everything and Madame X to explore why ambitious and sexually adventurous women need to be punished. That the women are played by men (and that one of the male characters is played by a woman) helps prove his point.

Gilbert also shows us in the final scenes how the power structure itself corrupts, a timely message in the age of globalization.

But the play's underlying metaphor is about freedom of sexual expression in the era of AIDS, and I'm not sure the show can support it. The lines about keeping fluids inside -- the point of Corporeal Can, after all -- occasionally have the feel of a quickly dashed-off AIDS cabaret act.