July, 1976
"It's about time the one hundred thousand or more gay people in the Maritimes had a voice to call their own. It'll be as much yours as you will contribute to it."
Articles: The Lesbian Conference [in Kingston] by AnneFulton; G.A.E. News; Dangerous Sexual Offender Legislation by RobinMetcalfe; Our Heroes The Halifax Police by R. Isnor; G.A.E. And The Halifax Media by BobStout; National News; A Personal Reaction To The Cleanup by AnneFulton.
Notices: TheeKlub; The AlternateBookShop; GAE Electons; GayLine; Halifax Youth Clinic; Encounter Group using Transactional Analysis and Gestalt by BobIsnor?; Christian & Gay? Phone or write Fr. MikeMacDonald; Penpals; Soccer.
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April, 1977
Articles: Gay People vs. CBC by RobinMetcalfe; news flash about the JuryRoom; Art - In Review by JimMacSwain; G.A.E. Visits Dal by MaryAnnMancini; MOVE by JimMcSwain; APPLE by AnneFulton; The Turret by BobStout.
Notices: GayLine; AlternateBookShop; TheeKlub; G.A.E.; Hfx Youth Clinic; LesbianCanadaLesbienne.
Staff: Editor: MaryAnnMancini; Publisher: MarniDowe?; Typist: SusanLongard?; Voice Committee: RobinMetcalfe; DebTrask; AnneFulton; Contributors: JimMcSwain, RobinMetcalfe, MaryAnnMancini, AnneFulton, BobStout.
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September, 1977
Articles: Cover: JuryRoom: Guilty by AnneFulton; APPLE by AnneFulton; In The Beginning, a history article mentioning CitadelHill, ThePiccadilly and TheeKlub by "A.T." (TonyTrask); Christian Or Fanatic by AnneFulton; The Turret by BobStout; Interview of JohnKyper? by RobinMetcalfe.
Notices: The October, 1977 AtlanticConference; The Turret; G.A.E.; Halifax Youth Clinic; AlternateBookShop; APPLE; LesbianCanadaLesbienne; GayLine;
Staff: Editor: MaryAnnMancini; Typist: EricDavis?; Contributors: AnneFulton; BobStout; RobinMetcalfe; TonyTrask; MaryAnnMancini; Setup: G.A.E. Collective
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The scans of the magazines are courtesy of RobinMetcalfe, relayed by MaryAnnMancini.

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