1990-1993 at least
AIDS Vigil Choir. Leader: ???12
Members: TerryParker, ChrisAucoin, BillElliott, NorvalCollins, NormanMoulton?, JJLyon, DanielMacKay3
St George's Round Church
AIDS Fundraiser at Neptune Theatre (with JimPetrie's Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre singers and Neptune Theatre singers)
Chorus under GlennWalton4
Chorus under ColinCollette?
2015 ?
GarryWilliams begins organizing a chorus
November, 2018
Chorus being assembled by TimCross?, BryanCrocker?, HeatherFraser? . "Our new chorus will join a family of Canadian LGBTQ2 chorus when Unison, Canada's LGBTQ2 choir festival takes place in Halifax in 2022"


1. August 3, 1990 email from DanielMacKay to gay chorus mailing list "Right now, having some music to sing in our upcoming concert in October is critical."
2. April 29, 1993 Email from DanielMacKay saying he's busy with the AIDS Vigil Choir
3. January 7, 2019 Conversation with TerryParker
4. January 7, 2019 pers. corr with TerryParker