picAt the February 17, 1977 CBC Demonstration. Photo by RobinMetcalfe

Born September 5, 1952. Worked in occupations ranging from machinist, ship's oiler, Automated Manufacturing Technologist (CAD/CAM), millwright, magazine layout artist, addictions counsellor, to Toronto antique store owner, all of which were considered unusual occupations for a woman at the time.

Mary Ann considers her activism for Gay and Lesbian Rights in the seventies, her similar experiences with breaking ground for women in trades and technologies and last but not least being sober for the last 26 years to be the most important things she has ever done with her life.

On My 60th Birthday September 5,2012

Ok, it's my 60th birthday and wisdom per se still not on the horizon, but I have learned some lessons that I will now impart, because I am now officially old and we do this:

  1. Family and friends matter. Reach out and let them know they are still in your heart.
  2. Grab as much education as will always enhance your life even if it doesn't seem to.
  3. When you come across good cooks, learn from them because you will crave their dishes for years after the meal. The same goes for writers, artists, skilled labourers, teachers, clergy and activists that you respect.


That's it pretty short list, but like I said, still waitin' on the wisdom. Love you all, Mary Ann