pic In October 2004, Menial Sins' Theater Company made its debut performance with Mois\xE9s Kaufman / Tectonic Theater Project\x92s The LaramieProject.

Formed by Producer RyanAuld, Director KatBiondi, and Stage Manager and Assistant Producer DanielleTrottier?, the Company hopes to offer Halifax a different form of theater. Menial Sins' has set itself out to fill a niche in the city of Halifax by trying to create a form of queer friendly theater which will appeal to both the gay and straight audience.

To accomplish this, Menial Sins' will make a concentrated effort to offer shows which deal with issues that affect both the gay and straight community.

Coming together as a group, Menial Sins' has decided not to be your standard theater company; rather, with the idea of taking the theater into the community, they also want to take the community into the theater.

Company's Current Projects: pic Suzie Goo: Private Secretary will star: RougeFatale, AmandaBenzova, BenDover, AdamRairdon?, AprilShowers.