Three-conference series.

Atlantic Gay Conference October 8-10th. The weekend included a rally on the Sackville St side of CitadelHill, a dinner and dance at The Turret, an "Artisan's Expo" as well as the workshops and meetings. The conference was joinly organized by GAE and APPLE (Atlantic Provinces Political Lesbians for Equality.)

pic1978 Poster by RandGaynor

Instead of an Atlantic Conference, the city hosted Building Solidarity: The Fight Against Repression, the sixth national conference of the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Rights Coalition, and included the original play, TheNightTheyRaidedTruxx.
Poster by RandGaynor. RobinMetcalfe says: "We put [the posters] up high to slow people down who wanted to tear them down - a real issue in those days."
Atlantic Gay and Lesbian Conference Theme: Building a Community Spirit November 9th - 11th. Workshops, book and craft sales, social events at The Turret. On the Sunday, Nov 11th, two representatives from GaeGala laid a wreath at the Remembrance Day ceremonies in honour of "all the gay service people who died in Canada's Wars."
Name: just Atlantic Conference ?? Theme: Growing. Nov. 7th - 9th. Presentation by Brent Hawkes of MCC Toronto. Includes AnneFulton's very funny play, Blown With The Wind.
Fourth Atlantic Conference in Fredericton Organizers Hal Hinds & Glenn Pelshea July 1982
October 8-10, Name: Atlantic Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Conference Theme: We Are Everywhere attended by 230 people. Keynotes: Makeda Silvera and RobinMetcalfe, mentioning the ShirtlessnessDebate of 1991. Workshops included The Obsession With Child Abuse in North America with EdgarFriedenberg, Common Strategies/Divided Lives, Lesbian Battering, GaryKinsman's Doing Lesbian/Gay Histories, . Exhibits: Reclaiming Our Musical History. The Friday night conference featured Faith Nolan. The article in the November GAEZETTE also mentions a chorus by JimOulton? and AnneBishop.

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