Elle Mayhem is the partner of ShaydaBlack (aka JustinTurner) and did a lot of performing as a drag queen in Halifax in 2004. She was a contestant for PrideAmbassador III and a winner of FiveMinutesOfFame before moving to Ontario.

DivadDivine writes: Elle you are an amazing performer, you always look great!!! I love the energy you put into your numbers. I am so glad to have you in the family sweetie!! And am very proud to also have your last name! Love ya

SharonBedz writes: Wherever you see Elle, you'll see Sharon beside her... usually tearing someone up for no good reason and laughing our fool heads off. Love you so much to the 1st friend I made down here and I can't believe you stole "eat my fuck?" from me. Smoochies.

KrisLee writes: Elle what's to say I always told you that you had it. You are one of my favorites and always will be. Remember it's not your fault your hot. Oh yeah I can't wait to get married. Love yah

RougeFatale writes: if theres clouds in the sky sindy day knows why! babe i love you , no matter what all those others say! oh wait you didnt know bout that... well dont worry. lol. i love you elle. you always bring the best out in me... my bitch side. we must do copious amounts of alcohol together and smoke! love rouge

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DawnDavenport writes: Did everyone know that Elle well the boy part was in a porno movie with boyscasting.com. I have the tape.Its crazy, i saw her andi was like OMG leave it to one of Ericas daughters to do something like that.

LadySchapeau writes: Eat a burger, get pregnant and leave my brats alone, Dawn LOL. Kidding, love you too much Dawnie. Mom says hi. And I say Hi to you Elle, the only kid who ever listened to me :)

Dawn Davenport writes: Love you to sis, cant wait to see you again at pride.

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