pic Shayda Black is Her Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress III of IsCans, as well as the second Mz. NRG, MzNrg 2001. She was one of the founding members of the Imperial Court of Halifax and also was a staff member at ClubNrg and ToolBox East. She received the Manna For Health Award in 2002 for her contribution to fundraising.

pic DivadDivine writes: Shayda is an absolutely wonderful person and performer and someone I am very glad to call a friend. Shayda you are one of the reasons I chose to step back out there on stage! Thanks for all your support and help! I'm there for you anytime you need anything sweetie! Love you.

NatasshaNlott writes: Shayda, you have a great sense of humour and know how to have a good time and you know what? Those are two things that mean a lot more to any queen that eyeshadow or steppy numbers. Good luck getting through your Dowager year and on whatever journey you take on next Tinta.

pic SharonBedz writes: You're one of the first queens I met down here. Sweet like everybody says and hot in drag. I love you honey.

AnnieCockadoo writes: WHAT A BIG FACE...fuck its HUGE...MOST COVERED my screen...great queen and guy..always nice to me and never did me wrong besides fart in my face...But im the queen of GAS. :)

LillyPatterson writes: Thanks for always being great,,youve inspired me in more ways than one,,,,PS,,,your hot!!!!

IvannaRamyah writes: Gurl you are truly special. I love you to death and pieces. your a Fab person and a truly great spirit not to mention a killer performer and i am so glad that i met you for you are the first person i met that made me think about doing ya sweetie

I love This girl.. when I came back for a visit to Halifax she was running for the postion of Baroness.. I felt soo attached to her and she welcomed me with open arms.. Amazing person with a amazing heart.. I love you girl


AnitaMann writes: Justin we have had our ups and downs, drunks and And most of the time I wanted to slap ya....hmmm...well, this isn't going so well. Anyways all in all you are still fat...kidding. Even though you have made some pretty stupid decisions, and I mean stupid I still love ya to pieces.

ShaunaStarr writes: SHayda was my first born, the same nite I had another(Mona LOTT) and it has taken me all this time to recover. The one thing I have always tried to bestowe in my children is this"BE YOURSELF BECAUSE THERE ARE ENOUGH PEOPLE OUT THERE TRYING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE" sometimes they take my advice and sometimes they don't but I have always been proud of the work,dedication and sacrifice made by Shayda for Halifax. Over the years we have like many mothers and daughter drifted and I have not really told her this in quite some time so if anyone reads this please tell her" I LOVE HER, I AM PROUD OF HER, I WORRY ABOUT HER, and SHE WILL ALWAYS HOLD THE SPECIAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE IN THE FAMILY STARR.

DivadDivine writes: You are an amazing person in and out of drag and you know how much I love you! You have always been there for me even when we didn't agree about something, and you have always been honest with me. I love and respect you so very much! I am so very deeply honoured that you have given me your last name, and along with the others I have received I hope I do you proud. Love you!

JuicyFruit writes: Shayda...where can I begin. I have met you through the famous HAG and from there our friendship has grown. You are an absolute friend and will always have a place in my life. *MUAH*

JuicyFruit writes: Well girl I finally got to see ya perform in like years. It was most splendid considering it was your "on the spot" number. Most Grand! Blenda Blenda *giggle*

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