From HelenaHandbag: This is David. To my friends and family, you know who you are, i love you, and i appreciate all the support and generocity. you have helped me become me. And i will personally thank you in time.

To those close-minded self-righteous, holier-than-thou pricks, I'm so pleased that I am still the centre of everyone's attention back in S.Western Ontario. I'm still glad that nothings changed and that i'm priority on the gossip list. you're lives must be SO pathetic and bible-driven, that the slightest sign of "going against the grain" has got you calling the church and school directory, to a church and school I NEVER want to associate with ever again. I'm glad i entertain your plain, dull lives, i'll keep doing it, for i'm living life, not by the book, not by someone elses rules, but by my rules. I'll be sure to keep you posted so that if anything else happens, so that you self righteous assholes have a say on it. My name is David Campbell, yes, i am gay, and no it's none of your fucking business what i do, or who i do it with. we'll see who gets persecuted for what sooner or later. For all those bible thumping ignorant people i grew up with, take a good look in the mirror and see how empty your lives are. I dare you.

picHelena (right) with Anita Goodman (left)

LadySchapeau writes: To Thine Own Self Be True.

Helena Handbag (otherwise known as Dave C. is the new queen of Halifax as of spring 2003 and does shows at ClubNrg and always looks smashing. Helena would like to welcome any (tasteful!) feedback on this, her new site. She always appreciates words of support and affirmation and credits both her new group of Dal-pals and the welcoming environment of her highschool acquaintances for the ease in her transition! Her drag mothers are CerinaRomanoffBlake and MissyFufu and she always does glam numbers. 2nd Runner Up For MzBigWig 2003.


nick names : Big Dick Slut Sucker, Glenn close, Helena Humbag, Helena Handjob, Helena Gladbag, Dave C. full name : Helena Handbag

NatasshaNlott writes: When Handbag isn't enjoying a buffet ;), she is a natural and gifted performer that can achieve any goal she sets for herself. An amazing sense of humour, great stage precense and damn glam.

DivadDivine writes: Handbag always amazes me at the amount of energy she has when performing! And she loves to make your jaw drop! You go hun, you are amazing and flawless! Love ya Handbag!

AnitaMann writes: Helena Handbag you are an amazing friend and an amazing drag queen. Your performance are amazing and you never stop amazing me. And you always look great! I will miss you when I leave but you know I will be back to visit. Love ya lots!

Baron IV JosephPenny writes: Helena, girl, your impersonations of MissVicki and BoomBoom were flawless, you must do more of them....maybe EmmaRoids could be your next one????

Amy writes: Hey Dave, haven't seen you since highschool, I should come out and see you perform. You used to be quite a hit in chapel back at christian private school.

John Seyler writes: Wow Dave, things have changed. How're things going, glad to see you're enjoying success.

Someone writes: Holy Shit!


Dude69: you did JEFF WALLACE, remember that time you and me were in that hot tub and you wanted to 'tug' my 'boat'?

Blue Balls: my balls are swollen..... i need some help.

Sconce: Looking for a strong cross-dressing man to love and hold

Nic Weber writes: Wow, I never foresaw this. Dave used to sing in the Cambridge Kiwanis Choir. They even had rules about how you cut your hair!!

Gump: I touch myself.

Dior: I am so happy for your success!!! I used to know you years ago, and I hope I get to see you perform soon! Way to go!!


Mike: This is all a little too fucked, maybe you should come back to rockway and talk about your new way of life.

JW: You were in my car... we talked about GIRLS!!!NOT BEING THEM!! can i maybe hit you up sometime?

Meghan: Hey Dave! Glad to see that you're doing something that makes you so happy. Best of luck on this new path!

QUESTION: DO your parents know?? I'm telling them....DO a Chapel buddy, see how well that'd go over...

A VOICE OF REASON Comments: Hey, would you want someone to do that to your folks if you were in his place? It may already be a non-issue, (and then, wouldn't you feel totally stupid!) or you may end up in front of someone having a coronary. Gee, peoples, have you run out of common sense, decency, and consideration for others? You likely should also take a look over at ComingOutStories and ComingOut?.

Devo - Holy Hell, I actually called this during the Rockway Mennonite days with Wallass. Go Back And Do A Chapel!, You could have youre own Halifax Sex-Change Assembly or something. Good Luck Sir Handbag.

BE - Didn't see this coming. Your brother know?

Jennie Bowman writes: Hey Dave, I'm glad to see you've found something that you enjoy doing. Reading some of the comments that have been posted makes me really sad, I never knew the people I went to highscool with are so rude and intolerant. Dave, you have a lot of courage and that inspires me. I look forward to meeting up with you again.

Suzanne Bender writes: Ditto to everything Jennie said! I think you look great and I really admire you for your openness and courage. I'm just sorry that some of the comments left here don't show you the respect that you have always given to others. Oh well! Fuck 'em all! You know yourself, and that's more than a lot of people our age can say. Way to go.

Ronald McDonald?: Isn't there a burger stand around here somewhere??

Tonya: I just wanted to say congrats on your courage and success! Keep enjoying Halifax, but remember spaghetti supper's in october!

Kristen G.: hey dave! i love the new do. you look so happy and that is wonderful...i hope i get to see one of your shows some day. maybe i'll even bring you a monstoire cookie! :) those were good days. miss you. keep livin' the life.

Goat: HOLY FUCK I KNEW IT!!!!!!! how about a chalpel there davey or should I say Helena!!

Steph P: Seriously Stevanus, you of all people know about doing what makes you happy, need we bring up the raver to skater to farmer progression?! (just pointing it out not criticizing!) Dave, know that there are lots of RMCers who think what you're doing is great, and that life goes on after chapel for crying out loud! All the best!

Atar: Tim is getting his back pealed by Ashley. Ewww!!!

"DO a Chapel buddy, see how well that'd go over" - How long would it take to blow all the guys in the chapel? Sounds fun!

"Dave, great to see that you're happy and enjoying life. I support what you're doing, and people are being cruel on this site. Don't listen to it. They're small minded. I'd like to note, however, that it's ironic that people like Jennie Bowman and Suzanne Bender are trying to call people on their "intolerant" nature seeing as they were two of the most judgmental people at Rockway. We all know that while they're spewing their self-righteous BS on this site, they're secretly laughing, saying "Oh my God!", and calling every other one of the Rockway whores to propagate the gossip. So, keep smiling Dave, and don't listen to a damned thing that any of these people (including me) have to say. France rocked."

ANG LUH: OMG with my 12 years of GYMNASTICS i never seen someone so AMAZING...YOUR THE SMURF OF MY LIFE..and the funniest then in human history...all these people talking bout chapels..MOST N...love ya baggy

OMG, I can't believe what I'm seeing here...these people who are trying to dog you aren't significant enough to scrape the scurge off your stiletto heel, girl...DONT LISTEN TO THEM!! You are a fabulous person with many excellent qualitites...and so you are gay...BFD!!! I can think of alot worse things to be, let me tell ya...all you have to do is read the crap above to see that! So here's to my ultimate screaming match partner...you rock! (you know who...you know you wanna smurf me...lol)

Dave , this is Chris Z., I knew u had it in u. Great effort, need more blush.

Chris Zehr? Damn, that's a name from a while ago... Anyway, Congrats Dave. It's good to hear you're doing well and enjoying your life. Best of luck.... Julian A.

AnonymousCoward writes: I didn't grow up with you, and I'm not relgious, or gay! But it sounds like you're pretty pissed. Actually, since you're bitching about your highschool friends, it sounds like you still want their approval. It also sounds like you're still thinking a lot about a religion you claim to NEVER want to go back to. If you're not going back, why rebel? Seems as though it's just insignificant people, not your family who you believe are forcing relgion upon you still. Instead of giving a personal profile, or anything interesting about yourself, you use of a ton of space being self righteous and bitter. Well, sounds to me like your past is still haunting you. SO who is weak now? Not the religious people. They can look in the mirror and still be content that they control you. You know what I think? I think you're just a man gone woman who still lives in the past, and felt so excluded in highschool that even now you can't get over it. Well, here's some advice ... get your damn head straight, and stop acting like you've found a new way of life that is so much better than the religion you hate. That would be a holier than thou attitude, which is exactly what you got your panties in a knot about in the first place.

big dick: hey dave...I have a big dick

Hey Anonymous: He does give the link to his gay.com profile -http://www.gay.com/personals/profile/view.html?name=helena_handbag

While you are there why not look up other guys with whom you might want to meet when you step out of your closet. Of course you can always have sex in the closet too if thats more suited for ya!

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Hot dogs in a hallway: When is the next show???

AaronWi? writes: Dave - I heard about this fairly randomly. I want to say if I ever treated you in a way that may have contributed to your rant, I'm sorry. I do know what you're talking about though - in the sense of religious hypocrites. I tend to avoid that crowd these days, since I don't enjoy being told that I'll burn in hell for eternity simply for my inability to believe things without evidence. Best of luck.

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