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Menz Bar closed in April, 2020. For a history of Q uses of that space, see the page about 2182 Gottingen.

On October 21, 2022, IndulgeNightclub opened in that space.

"I'm part of this community, and we deserve places we can go to and be proud of." - DougMelanson, on the opening of MenzBar.

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Mr Menz Bar

MacLeather Candidates: Winner: BoydGauvin, Runner Up: RyanAuld, 2nd Runner Up: GlennDeGeer


February 1, 2005
MenzBar opened at 2104 Gottingen. For a full history of this space, see the page GayBars which is part of the HistoryProject. By March, he'll be taking over the ground floor and operate it as "diner by day, dance bar by night." To be called MollyzDiner, he says the space will be geared towards MenzBar's ever-growing female clentele. The kitchen will operate with regular hours and will see a return to wing night upstairs - something that's been missing for some time now. Plans are also in the work to expand into the adjacent building - stay tuned!
December 31, 2005
Launched MenzPaleAle - Atlantic Canada's only queer beer!
March 15, 2006
MenzBar has wireless!! Bring your laptops! Free wireless access for visitors.
2007-07-27 Fire
closes the bar for a few days
January 19, 2008
Closed 2104 Gottingen to prepare for the move up the street to 2182 Gottingen. Full article in the Jan-Feb 2008 Wayves
May 23, 2008
Re-opened at 2182 Gottingen; Full article in the June 2008 Wayves


Logo updated. Original logo here.
January, 2010
2010 Menz Bar Robberies
"Menz Bar" re-branded to "Menz And Mollyz"
April 13, 2020
"After much consideration and 15 years providing service to our community I am saddened to let everyone know Menz and Mollyz Bar is closed permanently. I would like to thank everyone involved over the years for their support of this community business. I wish everyone success, wellness and peace in their future endeavours." ~ DavidLandry
April 15, 2020
Jeff Douglas of CBC Halifax's Mainstreet interviews JasonSpurrel about the closing including a tearful memory of RaymondTaavel's murder. (mp3, 15 mins)
April 26, 2021
Feleshia Chandler, CBC News Halifax, interviewed JasonSpurrell and JacquieGahagan one year after the closing.
radio version (mp3, 1:21)
print version (pdf)

DanielMacKay has a 2002 CBC Radio review the menu on minidisc /temp3/

These recordings are in the OralHistoryCategory.

RandallPerry writes: My memories of Menz, and later Mollyz, are varied and rich. It was a safe space for me and others—from day one, I danced there, attended fundraisers and events, drank too much but didn't care, danced some more, fell in love, got my heart broken, fell in love again, retreated there from an abusive relationship, met new friends, danced yet again, and all the while I celebrated life and grounded myself in the world. During my years in Halifax, Raymond Taavel and I never missed celebrating Estonian Independence Day (twice per year, don't you know); and he and I, along with many of the Wayves crew, toasted putting another issue of the magazine to bed. When it was time for me to leave Halifax, Daniel and company threw me a going-away party in the pool table room. And, of course, there was the drag, the glorious drag. These days I'm a few provinces over, but I'll always cherish the house of David and Doug (rest in peace, my man).

Phil Cousins: Oh no! My favourite club in Halifax hands down. Where else could you see a drag show, a drum and bass show and a metal show coexist peacefully in the same space and time? You really took care of the weird and wonderful subcultures and gave us a home and for that I'm hugely grateful.

Brittany MacVicar: Thank you for giving drag a home. Thank you for creating a safer space for LBGTQ2SA+. Thank you for giving musicians a venue to share their music. Thank you for everything else I have not mentioned but has not gone unnoticed. The connections made here, the memories of events, personal transformations of patreons, staff and performers alike have made a huge impact on our community at large. I will really miss this space

Katie IndiCrow: Thanks to all the friends made and for all the awesome music played. Made and formed a lot of friendships at Menz. Special thanks for the Enzyme nights. Thanks to all the staff. Thanks to the performers. Thanks to the owner, even though it is hard to say that knowing some friends found out they lost work through this post on Easter Monday. (Hope you ate first.) Wishing all experiencing the shift speedy tracks to new ventures.

Kellee Taavel: I’m so sorry to hear this . My husband Andre and myself and daughter were given the grand tour by Doug when we visited Halifax in 2012. It was such a unique space! I’m really sorry to hear that it is closing permanently.

Website was MenzMollyzBar.Ca

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