RossBoutilier fonds

This page lists archival materials in the RainbowSeniorsArchive from RossBoutilier pertaining to his activism, SameSexMarriage, work with WayvesMagazine, SafeHarbourChurch and PrideCelebrations, collected September 12, 2019.

PrideCelebrations materials

WayvesMagazine materials

Other Materials

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Buttons: Many duplicates, good for displays
Human Rights Case: Ross’ 10 year fight with the federal government for marriage leave. Background material +the final decision.
Dal Gazette Banned Blood issue
Newspaper clippings about the Banned Blood issue
Darlene Young obituary material
Truro Pride 2004
“Anal Sexer” article
Wilson Hodder Case
White three-ring binder: Pride 1998 Logo Contest + Halifax Pride Proclamations from the Mayer’s Office, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, Pride Parade Permits
Skoke Cartoon 1997-07-15
Pride 2001 Documents
Legal Documents Folder: Pride 1998 accounting, Jane Kansas letter requesting non-alcohol, maybe a pet event during Pride.
Big plastic bag: Safe Harbour Church Historical materials
Wayves Punoqun source materials
Wayves Ad Source ca. 1995
Awards & plaques from Stonewall Tavern, Reflections & Halifax Pride
Tee Shirts
1997 Pride Guide - how we made it and finished copy
Pink Triangle Day poster
Pride Guides - 1995, 1997, 1998 multiples
Other Pride 1995 materials
Gaze Magazine: three of the five issues
Halifax Magazine with Ryan McGrath, 1996
History of gay bashing - clippings
Wayves Financial documents
Wayves production materials including Thom Fitzgerald’s Hanging Garden promo 1996