picRoxy Working it in Sept 2004.(Photographer: RyanPower RoxburyInn Lubalicious Black Cockadoo Mellow Cox N! Mann Purple Lott Benzova deCliff Showers

As of 2005 -- Retired


QueenOfHearts 2004/2005

Mz. International DragCommunity I

Arch-Duchess V, and the Ninth Diamond in the Empress' Crown

RoxburyInn is a female illusionist in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Roxy is one of the more popular queens in Halifax, owing to her great sense of humour. She is also an extremely creative queen. You can often see her out and and about in outfits made of bath towels, saran wrap, or even soap suds. Who knows what she'll do next?

She is also a founding member of the BurrrrrrlesqueSociety. Roxy perfoms a wicked Anastacia, Kylie, Ru Paul, Christina Aguilera, Kelis, Kristine W, Missy Elliott, Kimberly Locke, and Jann Arden. She also does some awesome Dynamix numbers like Love Dominates (No Man Can Tame Me) with partner in crime RyanPower, No More Drama, and Don't Want Another Man.

She has an Absolutely Fabulous drag family. Her drag mother is Empress IV BoomBoom Lubalicious, and her sisters are QueenOfDiamonds II MadalynnAndrews, MzGayHalifax II AprilShowers, and SelenaTowers.

Where I've Been


GinaGibb writes: Roxbury, you were great at the Queen Of Hearts. Loved your RuPaul number. When I get better, I will make a copy for you. Love Gina.

NatasshaNlott writes on April 4th 2005: Guess what? I am most gonna give you a run for your money with the spectacles. Tequila can't save you now. lol. Keep up the grand work Burrito. And remember, bad publicity is still publicity, but you're ABOVE C.O.T.Y. at least. lol. Love ya.

we have put your picture on the back of milk cartons... when you comin back? i miss our smelting nights and making fun of people... love you rouge

AmberWayves writes: To bad you have retired, and choosing not to hang with your "former" friends

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