Fetish Ball I -- April 24th 2004

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ChrisAucoin, Marketing and Promotions Manager, Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather Society writes: TightRope and the MacLeather Society would like to thank all the volunteers, attendees, and sponsors of this spring's The Fetish Ball. We had a great venue, fetish group info tables and sponsor booths which were well received, an awesome DJ, a fabulous hostess, and at night's end we couldn't get people to leave! To those who were asking - yes we will definitely have this event again.

When we set out to take on this project we had two goals. First we wanted to do some community building; both within the gay / bi men's fetish communities which are our official constituency, but also to build bridges to women's communities, to the straight fetish scene, trans scene, and the larger G/L/B/T community generally. I think the great cross section of those in attendance enjoyably partying with each other that night attests to the event being successful in achieving this goal. Our secondary goal was to do some fundraising to offset the financial hit the MacLeather Society took from Hurricane Juan. (Our main annual event - the MacLeather contest - took place that same week and additional costs as well as reduced attendance resulted.) On that point we are pleased with the results as well.

We would like to thank a few key people who graciously and fabulously made the event work. In particular our guest DJ ArenSilver?, Mistress of Ceremonies for the Midnight Fetish Revue, DitaParlow, and our volunteers who remade Club VorTex into a fetish boudoir for the night!. We would also like to thank our Midnight Revue guest judges: ShelleyTaylor?, MacLeather 2004 RandallPerry, StuartRae?, and StarrSixtyNine.

Last but by no means least our wonderful sponsors; it literally would not have been possible to pull off this event without your generous support.

To all those who came out for the party thanks as well - and we'll see you all (and hopefully many more) at Fetish Ball 2!

Fetish Ball II -- April 23rd 2005

picRyan and Lorrie

Fetish Ball III -- April 22nd 2006

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