Fag-about-town since about 1983, one of the GayBears. I was chair of the PrideCommittee for three years and was on the committee for a decade, and have been with WayvesMagazine since the mid-80s. I helped build the inside of Rumours on Granville Street when I first came to Halifax, and have done some activism but it's not really my thing. Friend-of but not a card carrying member of (all of these are defunkt - maybe there's a message here) BluenoseBears, MacLeather, and SafeHarbourChurch. Card-carrying member of TightRope.

Main home page: http://bonmot.ca/~daniel/

Used to be a:

You won't find me advertising in the ClassifiedAds or at SeaDogsSauna (except I did write the review after LilBear and I visited on opening day) or using any of the other ways of MeetingPeople because I have sufficient men in my life at the moment.

Here's DeniseHolliday interviewing KevinKindred about Dan getting the 2008 NSRAP Community Hero Award:interview here.

In 2012 Dan was the Halifax Pride Parade Honourary Marshall.

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