Online nick: CapnDan (see that link for a pic)

Main home page: http://bonmot.ca/~daniel/

MikeGodfrey writes: Dan set up the WikiBackups system for the wiki and has been handling operations for years.

I'm just another fag-about-town, I guess I'm one of the GayBears. I was chair of the PrideCommittee for three years and was on the committee for a decade, and have been with WayvesMagazine since the mid-80s. I helped build the inside of Rumours on Granville Street when I first came to Halifax, and have done some activism but it's not really my thing. Friend-of but not a card carrying member of (all of these are defunkt - maybe there's a message here) BluenoseBears, MacLeather, and SafeHarbourChurch. Card-carrying member of TightRope.

Used to be a:

You won't find me advertising in the ClassifiedAds or at SeaDogsSauna (except I did write the review after LilBear and I visited on opening day) or using any of the other ways of MeetingPeople.

Here's an interview of KevinKindred by DeniseHolliday about Dan getting the 2008 NSRAP Community Hero Award.

In 2012 Dan was the Halifax Pride Parade Honourary Marshall.

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