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This is the 2nd year that people knew 2 weeks ahead of time who was going to win. This time the pet you picked isn't even taken seriously as a big name. You didn't fool the community last year and you didn't this year.

Hopefully the MzGayHalifax will do more this year than last year, which wasn't a big lot..(oops, sorry, she did however appear in the pride hopefully will appear at the other bars and not just at Reflections like that of last year...Congrats April, hope to see you out and about.

Why was only one of the DragQueens step up number asked for Mr. Producer? Who is AprilShowers anyway? She is only known at Reflections and we all know that straight people are much more welcome how is she ging to represent GayPeople of Halifax, she cannot even smile and I know GayPeople can smile...even queens not be scared to mess up a little make up...

AprilShowers Writes: I was never asked for a step up # i took it in on my own initiative. I'm MzGayHalifax Who the Hell are you? No but really? who the hell are You??????????????? And thanks for giving me something to smile about!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Yes, Dita has done a fair bit for the community but has also done a lot of damage. I do agree with the statement though. The problem with Dita getting MzGayHalifax "II" was that again, it was rigged by the managers of the bar. There's a difference between screaming "rigged" because you're a sore loser and saying "rigged" because you're an audience member who's noticing the obvious. It's pretty bad when you're getting congratulated 2 weeks before the event.

For anyone with an iota of intelligence reading this bitchy, juvenille drivel above -- take it with a grain of salt. Four words: SORE LOSERS and POOR SPORTS. As for maligning people like Dita, get a life! If the critics worked half as hard as Dita and raised a 10th of the dollars this person has for worthy causes in this city they'd be lucky. And who cares who wins this title anyways.

Being a judge myself I know for sure that DragPageants are rigged, Stephen gave AprilShowers more points after the papers were in the office AprilShowers was running for QueenOfHearts and won. It's a shame that people can't be honest not even in a pageant. DragQueens, it's just a waste of time going into pageants when you have a judge that will change points behind closed doors, right Stephen????

That doesn't surprise me.

Very good point. They have been rigging pageants from the 1st MzReflections onwards.. there was the 2 years of BrookePrescott fiasco, DitaParlow as MzGayHalifax "II" and HelenHeels?, to name a very few. These rigged DragPageants explain almost fully why Reflections went from being 'THE place' for drag shows in the city to a bar that recycles the same 2 or 3 queens from pageant to pageant and relies on 'D list' queens to even have shows. I know of several queens who have contemplated running in Reflections pageants and decided against it when they heard the winner through the rumour mill weeks in advance. Don't expect the queens to return for QueenOfHearts... you can give the title to GinaGibb, CherieLamour, SelinaTowers? or AmberWayves.. or Annie. Maybe one of them is next in line.

Dita has done a lot for this community and has raised alot of money through her own efforts. She did show up at other bars with her title and was at the re-opening of NRG.

Honestly, lay off the Dita-bashing already, she really has done a lot. What the hell has AprilShowers done with her titles? Nothing. Sure she knows her words, yes, but when it comes to dance coreagraphy, i've seen the original little people toys have more flexible than that! April can go for whatever fucking title she wants, I really don't care, but pull your nose out of the air, honey, there is nothing all that fabulous about are one of those D-List queens mentioned above. Fabulous looking, dressed, attitude, performance, shoes, clothes, music, hair, it all adds up and April honey, you just don't hit the mark. That doesn't say stop being queen. Like I said this isn't a personal attack on you as I haven't met you, but I've been going to drag shows for 30-odd years! I think I DO know what makes a grand queen: ALL the elements working together. Fucking up happens, it's how you recover that makes you improve and impress others, and let's face it, it's others you need to impress if you expect to go for titles. But for the record so you don't think I am being a bitch, I really do enjoy your Gwen Stefani impersonations. Aside from DebbieDukeDiamond, you are the only queen in Halifax who can impersonate Stefani so perfectly. - Mrs. Jenna Stotts

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Hello! Well the main Haligonian concensus is in. Everyone is saying it, but who will write it...guess thats me. MzNrg had to have been predetermined. Anyone that attended that show knows that the winner was not the best, she is great and was pretty, but there were at least three other performers who she did not even compare to. This was most evident when the reults were read out loud...whoa what a shocker to everyone. Can you imagine? RoxburyInn and RougeFatale tying for second runner up and NatasshaDq N! coming in first runner up!?! The three of them were a totally cut above AnitaMan (no offense to you girl!). My God! Maybe just ClubNrg staff should run next year...whatchya think?

In response:

You cannot get more fair than a pageant held at ClubNrg. The judges chosen proved themselves to be impartial and are all upstanding, involved and active members of the GLBT community in Halifax. In reference to Anita winning because she is an NRG employee, three of the four top finishers in the event, including myself, are currently NRG employees. I can assure you that the scores of the top four were all strong and contestants are free to talk to any of the judges and can definitely see their scores for themselves.

All top 4 contestants gave strong performances - they each have their own style and their own fans. If anything, MzNrg was fair because the two queens who placed 1-2 placed there because of their actual talent. This was not a popularity contest or an audience judged contest - JessicaBowden puts on DragIdolAtlantic every year, which is an audience judged event, and RougeFatale won this year. Roxy and Rouge were definitely the crowd favourites but it is not the crowd that picks the winner.

This city is full of crooked drag and talent contests. We all know the gossip, and many of us know the proof. The one thing I will not stand for or allow to be dragged through the mud is the fairness of pageants at ClubNrg. It's one place that I know 1st, 15th, or in this case 2nd, I have been judged fairly and the winner is not predetermined as in other events.

Sincerely, Natassha N! Lott Belle Handbag Divine Fatale Purple Starr DeKnight (NatasshaDq) aka Halifax PrideAmbassador II RyanStevens, Heir Apparent to MzNrg 2005 on behalf of MzNrg 2004/2005, MzBigWig 2004/2005 and DragQueenSurvivor 2004/2005 AnitaMann Lott.

I have never seen anything more rigged in my life. 1, 2, and 3 all staff members? Did the fact the the audience didn't even clap or cheer when Anita Mann's name was read give you a clue? Although nobody was perfect, she nearly fell over during evening wear. And for her talent number, I didn't see any talent. Very few of the queens this year showed what they were made of. And it will be those queens who will be remembered, like Rouge, Roxy, and Natassha N. I hope it was worth crowning her, because you lost alot of credibility in the community over this. Club NRG has now stooped to the like of ClubVortex and Reflections. Perhaps we should hold a meeting early in the new year to pick next November's winner?

Anits Mann is a drag queen?????? She looked more like a boy in a dress, sorry girl but you do ;) nothing more and nothig lees, you are simply a boy in a dress :)

And besides, we all know that NRG pageants have been rigged before... Look at one or two of the previous years.

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

The only year MzNrg was rigged was in 2000 when JennyBlake walked down the stairs with her crown.

FionaJefferies writes: Now do we all remember who Jenny Blake was up against? Was it really fixed? Beauty has some part in a pageant you know.

All pageants are a JOKE!!!

There's a lot of griping about bar staff being 1 2 3 sounds to me like Roxie cant handle losing.

sounds to me like Roxy is right in complaining, It was fix staff members employed directly by the bar or it's sister bar across the street should not be allowed to enter without a lapse of at least 6 months in employment. However to be fair next time get people to judge who have never been to a gay bar and never been to a drag show to make the fight for the crown a little bit harder. -Anonymous-...

It is no of use to bitch about DragPageants they are all fixed, from Reflections to NRG to IsCans. Look at who is running and you will know who is gonna be the winner with out having to pay and watch the show. Speaking of paying at least NRG has good show prices $2 - $5 is a good price, anything over that is surely filling someones pocket.

Don't care what bar they hold pageants at the drag pageants are rigged just like Lulu's new show.

5 judges picked through anonymous emails....yeah, rigged, sure, Lulu's show couldn't be rigged if she hand picked and threatened to murder the judges herself LMAO sorry Mr. I'm-to-chickenshit-to-put-my-name-to-what-I-write....Lulu's Shows are not rigged :)

who in the hell is writing all of this bad stuff about need to get a have to much time on your hands.