EVERY WEDNESDAY at Club NRG Season 1 Finals coming in September

Come watch or take part in this exciting new contest - whether your talent be singing, dance, comedy, lip sync or something crazy - anything goes (even Karaoke CDs will be available). Audience members get ballots with EVERY BAR PURCHASE (the more you drink, the more your opinion matters) and contestants get a chance to win $100 cold hard cash every week and a spot in the finals with more great cash prizes.

Weekly special guest performers and critics, drink specials and all you can eat spaghetti from 5-9 before Idol starts. Your hosts are AnitaMann and AnnieCockadoo. For more information, e-mail halifaxidol@hotmail.com.

Qualifiers for the Finals (weekly winners):

this thing is still going on? Apparently...why do people ask such stupid questions.

I don't think the contestants should be begging the audience to vote for them... "vote for me. i just got laid off and im trying to make rent money"... another classic Ben Dover line. Vote for the one is best not because their your friends or they asked you. It's rigged anyway

DivadDivine writes: Halifax Idol is not rigged like most contests, karaoke or pageants held at Club NRG/Evolution it is open to all contestants and is always fair! The reason some contestants may go around asking patrons to vote for them is that its audience vote that gets you to win! And some feel if you explain you are having a hard time they might vote for you. Its the name of the game people!! Just because the best performer or best looking performer doesn't win doesn't mean its rigged, as long as Anita Mann was hosting Halifax Idol she made it impossible to rig it! Its up to the host of the show to make sure it can't be rigged!!