Peanut Butter And Jam Sandwich ( Thru My Eyes )

By RegGiles

I have been asked from time to time by DanielMacKay to tell my story, each time saying no. It was a period of my life that to say the least was tumultuous and fast lived. I will attempt to tell my story in snippets and more as I can remember them and they will in no way be in chronological order.

It's funny how something silly like a peanut butter and jam sandwich can calm you and send you to a comfortable place where nothing seems to matter. Your mind settles and all you can think about is the texture of the bread, the sweet taste of the jam and the sticky oily butter smell of the peanut. All the sadness and worries subside and just for a moment, its just you and that two slices of bread.

I have seen many of my close and not so close friends or people who I knew as a face in the crowd die before me. I think about them all the time. This story is not worth its words without a message to the younger generation; to hold close your friends and treat people kind and with dignity; think before you shun people away or make judgement.

Someday you may sit at your table and wish you had a peanut butter and jam sandwich.


1PRERAMBLE / Circa 2000 / The Club (The Turret) Circa June 1977
2The Bitch Slap / Mikey / The Alternate Bookstore
3Robert Ertel / My New Position / Name That Tune!
4Disco Disco / Opposing Lineups / John Marr (Mother Marr) / Pop Goes The Drag Queen
4ABig Bad John / The Soccer Match
5Set The Stage, The Performers / Tommy Miller (Sugar) / Tim Hare (Jenny Blake) / EmeraldGibson and Sister [[EttaGibson|Etta] / JoanneBond? / Bob (Rachael) And Earl
6Christmas In July /A Round Of Applause Please! / Who Are We / Silence Of The Lambs / Breakfast At Zellers
7Disco Inferno / Tambourine ( Shake Shake Shake )
7AKind of a Drag / You Better Think / The Original Aretha / Brown Shoe Boogie
8Sparrow and Father Mike MacDonald
8AWomen Who Like Gay Men / Do The Hustle
9Partner Beating / The Heidelberg / Pre Coming.....OUT
10Someone Wants To Hear About Sex (The Competition)
11Passion / I Went For A Walk Last Night
12Can You Feel The NRG ?
12ACode Of Silence
13I Have Such A Headache !!
13AThe Man In The leather Mask / Tattoo U
14The Turret Womyn / The Inspector / Join The Club
15Whoever Said Love Was Easy
16My Friend Wayne / Along Came "T" / Sands Of Time (Lament)
17The Party The Night Before And The Picnic
Cow Bay Picnic Pictures
18The Good Dr. Bob / I'm Going Home
18ADid You Know Him ? / Do you remember the day when?
19The Politicos Of It All / Robin Metcalfe / Decision Time
20To Tell Or Not To Tell
21The Art Of The Cruise / Old Man...Take A Look At My Life / Disco Lives On
22Always Remember
23RUMOURS CLUB (Granville Street)(A New Beginning ?)
24RUMOURS CLUB (Granville Street)(On With The Construction) / Another Competition / Mystery Theatre
24ADrag-ging My Baby Back Home
25Another New Manager
25AFred And Reg
26Time is Passing
27Slow Train To Toronto
Acknowledgements / Manna For Health
Friends I Have Met Along The Way
Trent-Reg & Mickey
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Comments From Readers ( Email )
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